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DAN DEAN/Songs Without Words: Recording on Mercer Island and giving the first special thanks credit to Nancy Rumbel--do you think this is going to be your usual egghead classical date? The protean bass players surrounds himself with his ax and his voice and a mic taking warhorse repertoire to places you'd never imagine. Deciding to do it for himself this time around, the unquestionable bass ace takes it to church and everyplace else in the course of this sterling recital. Played like it was made especially for you, Dean's limitless possibilities will blow you away. Hot stuff.

TOO SLIM & the Taildraggers/High Desert Heat: A blues rock shredding howler gathers the gang for another album that sure to rule the top of the blues charts like all previous releases have. While not breaking any new ground, he's digging the groove harder and deeper with a set that'll have grandpa bouncing out of his wheelchair and forgetting about all those leg sores that won't heal. Playing like his life depends on it, this is sure to get you roused as well. Hot stuff throughout.

LITTLE BOYS BLUE w/KID MEMPHIS/Hard Blue Space: So here's a bunch of white boys with the blues that have ties to Carl Perkins chasing Sonny & Brownie (with a bunch of electronics in tow) down highway 61 looking for the devil to kick his ass. Wild, authentic stuff that hit's the heart of the blues bone like it hasn't been hit in years. Not a recidivist recording, this is sincere stuff by cats that play it like they love it. A straight up, traditional blues must have. Killer stuff throughout.

PEDRO GIRAUDO/Vigor Tanguero: Unless you're dealing with an idiot, all tango records are pretty good. Then there are those in the hands of the right people that just seem to be powered by rocket fuel. Add bass player Giraudo to the list of those that have the fuel formula in their back pocket. Engaging throughout with it's twist and turns, thrills and spills, this set opens the tango ears in fine fashion to new possibilities and vibes. Tasty throughout, this is most righteous Argentine party on a platter. Well done.

PEDRO GIRAUDIO &WDR Big Band/An Argentinian in New York: Giraudo never seems to make the same record twice. Here he really blows things wide open as he gets to lead WDR on a program of his own tunes and all he has to do is conduct--not wear the many hats he often does in his own performances. When you are working with one of the great big bands working today, you know everything is going to be played the way it should be with everyone involved raising everyone else's game. And so it happens here. A killer introduction to the bass man's music if you are still uninitiated.

Volume 41/Number 172
April 21, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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