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YELENA ECKEMOFF/Desert: It's not about cashing checks, not to cats like Peter Erskine, Paul McCandless and Arlid Andersen. On her most impressive date yet, and a far fling from her early days of new age piano, Eckemoff corrals these cats into helping her cross the impressionistic desert she has sound painted here. No strangers to improv and new age/world/jazz, the crew brings a great synchronicity to the proceedings turning in a date not to be missed by fans of anyone on board. A most righteous work throughout where everyone gets to play to their fullest.

FRED HERSCH TRIO/Live in Europe: After a decade together, all you can about this crew is ‘boy, these boys can play'. Still. Finding places they can continue to push the envelope a little farther is what guides this set. A record borne out of a radio concert, it's good the tapes were rolling to save it. The spirit of the jazzbos they celebrate are smiling as they capture everything in that special right in the moment way that washes over Hersch's originals as well. They done did it again!.

EMILY JOHNSON/Open Your Heart: Michael Walden produces up an old school date, for him, that finds a new vocalist at the center of the soul/pop productions he hung his hat on back in the day. Interesting stuff on the horizon from the newbie and the pro.

THUNDERBIRD: Heavy metal prog from a gang that has studied from the masters well and knows what the kids want. There's no manqueing around or doubting the authenticity of their mission, this is the sound reborn for a new generation.

MOLLY TIGRE: When does opium den music not sound like opium den music? When a bunch of muso vets want to get together and kick a world beat gong where they really let the fur fly. A real mash up of a set that'll take you places you've been before as well as places you've never been, this is a whirlygig of a set for left leaning, open eared armchair travelers that really want to bounce in their seats. Fun stuff that just doesn't let up.

Volume 41/Number 169
April 18, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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