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AARON CLIFT EXPERIMENT/If All Goers Wrong: Prog rockers from Austin leave the town's sound behind as they sound like proto arena rockers kicking it out like they are already there.. With the genre splicing that comes from youthful experimentation, many genre lines are crossed but it all ends up totally loud and thoroughly proud.

COLIN CARTER/One: Peter Banks left Yes, started a band called Flash that had great gatefold covers of tits and ass. They sold well for a splinter band 45 years ago. Carter, an original member of Flash is back to tell the tale, even if he's telling it from prog rock headquarters, Oregon, these days. If you want the real deal, you have to drink from the fount and this cat plays like anything but a geezer. Now, somebody needs to tell him what we need on the cover instead of a pic of him.

PHOSPHENES/Find Us Where We're Hiding: Ambient, suburban Goth lite runs amok here as the layers are layered on and the depth seems deep for the high school kids looking to be a rebel with a cause rather than a rebel without a clue. At least it's a better throwback than shoe gaze.

GOODNIGHT TEXAS/Conductor: Americana gets a shot of youthful punk rock energy giving it the kick in the pants it needs. This won't take it mainstream but it's better than a bunch of mush mouth old people music.

KEVIN KASTNING/17/66: The uber DIY guitar cat really does it all himself as he pulls three of his custom guitars off the shelf for a stunning solo excursion into a guitar world you didn't know existed. A cat can only do so much his this two hands and 36 strings (that's a joke, son) and he pushed those tools to the limit and beyond. A very personal feeling private recital, this just plain takes it all to the next level of the game. Art for art's sake that never becomes precious.

KERI POWERS/Starseeds: Bouncing back from all the detours that mess up a gal's life when she really wants to pursue an artistic life, Powers brings her ragged voice and sense of humor back to the front and puts them to good use in this engaging singer/songwriter set well influenced by it's New England sensibilities. Being very much the best pal you didn't know you had, this is a most welcome guest for folkie flavored ears to enjoy.

LISA LaRUE/Origins: The Native American prog rocker takes a double disc look back at the 25 years she's been plying her trade. If you like it all with that Zappa edge, this is the place to soak in what's been going before. A solid prog bet no matter what generation found you hopping on the wagon.

DAVID HOPKINS/Overlook: With acid making a comeback, this set of psychedelic soundscapes is just the perfect soundtrack for nu hip kids that want to make the trip. Wild stuff that was made for alteration of the synapses.

KEATS/Radio Sounds: An easy rocking singer/songwriter that wound up in Nashville takes stock of his back pages and assesses where the dream has gone and where it might wind up. The introspective pause that seems to be going around these days is here.

TAUTOLOGIC/Re: Psychle: Can a bunch of pissed off white boys from Chicago's south side sling slings and arrows at the slings of arrows that perforate contemporary life and sound like a bunch of kids from Manchester without sounding like wankers in the main? This set says so.

Volume 41/Number 164
April 13, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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