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NAT ADDERLEY/Classic Album Collection 1955-1962: Let's make one thing clear, Nat Adderley is not chopped liver. Coming up in the shadow of brother Cannonball, it's not hard to see why his sterling legacy isn't all it should be---but on the other hand, his "Work Song" is such a strong composition that several lyricists have written divergently different words for it. A solidly smoking blower, the early period 8 albums on display here show he had it all on the ball right from the start. Edgy without being off putting to the casual listener, his daddio roots never fail to show through. If you want a great portrait of a young man with a horn, cock your ear in this direction and enjoy.

DIZZY GILLESPIE/Classic Verve Collection 1957-1961: Chronicling the period of his move to the majors, this fatly tracked set by the master bebopper finds him wearing all kinds of hats from jump blues bopper and well beyond. A fun player that should be remembered for more than those bulging cheeks, this set is from the time when Verve meant jazz and Gillespie was doing his part. Timeless stuff that remains hard to resist.

BUCKINGHAM NICKS/Alabama 1975: Already in the back door of Fleetwood Mac, the duo was still supporting the debut album you are patiently waiting for Nicks to finally release on the legit to cd or streaming. Taken from a radio broadcast, this is the closest you are going to come to that debut album for now, and if you need proof they were destined for stardom, early versions of some of the monster tracks are evident here. You can also hear the sound Buckingham was architecting in his head. Certainly preflight but on tomorrow's money nonetheless.

GAZPACHO/Soynz: How's about a little ambient Goth in the vein of Pearls Before Swine? Not throwback stuff, just toady's kids giving the old groove some retreading. If you would have been in the cult them, you'll be in the cult now.

BEBE BUELL/Baring It All: With the Tivins lurking in the background, Buell comes in with a legit sounding slice of 70s rock---from Liv Tyler's mom who was certainly a gal that was a seminal part of 70s rock. The bulk of the album acquits itself nicely but the piece de resistance is her take on "Yesterday When I Was Young" that would make Marianne Faithfull jealous. Enough with these retreaded alte kocker victory laps, let's give the lady some at long last.

GUITAR MASTERS COLLECTION/various: With a bunch of dead guys (and others) showing you how it was done, this is a solid, left leaning guitar rock collection that covers lots of modern quadrants and doesn't miss a trick along the short way it wends. With enough of everything to sate the rock guitar fan and make them search out more, this set is a super tasty appetizer.

RAMIN PARTOVI/27 Faces of a Broken Heart: A wildly diverse twofer where all the tracks are named after musos, these 27 guitar driven tracks add up to a progressive rock tour de force where the action never slows down or quits. A real shredders delight, there's more than something for everyone here and all of it's winning stuff. Well done.

JERRY LEWIS/More (&) Sings for Children: It's hard to picture it now, but there really was a time when guys like Jerry Lewis and Mickey Rooney were the biggest stars in the world. These Lewis sessions, pulled from the time when he could do no wrong, find him in the company of Jack Pleis, an arranger that wouldn't let him act out on a straight vocal album, and Sonny Burke, who had the temperament to reign him in properly when doing his thing for the kiddies. Why that album was truncated for some bonus tracks, who knows? Very much a period piece that the French and hard core fans will love.

SHAWN PHILLIPS/Continuance: The with help of Kickstarter, the old guitar experimenting hippie that once got a hair cut from a boat propeller while scuba diving sends out a valentine to the fans that miss the 70s. Tempered by the sound of 70s college jazz rock, if you like this, you know who you are because you probably contributed to the making of it. A set that's a fond time of remembrance for those with fond memories.

TARA LYNCH/Evil Enough: A little bit of the old hard hitting, devil driven guitar rock from hell sends chords flying in all directions with shredding holding it all together. Wild stuff for teens that like it over the edge and still leaning farther.

Volume 41/Number 163
April 12, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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