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VICTORIA GINTY/Unfinished Business: What the hell are they putting in the water in Buffalo, NY? This white girl with the blues sounds like she spent a misspent youth soaking it all up in the chitlin circuit show rooms. Proving that sisters are doing it for themselves when it comes to modern white girl blues, this rollicking date is a non stop gasser as her originals keep hitting the mark time after time. Smoking stuff that's certainly a gateway drug to some uncut Koko Taylor.

MARKEY BLUE-RIC LATINA PROJECT/Raised in Muddy Water: There's a lot of white boys and girls with the blues out there that we've found to hit it out of the park, but this boy/girl duo not only redefines white kids with the blues, they do it without any of the usual suspects on board. Beating with such a strong heart that it seems like this duo is incapable of ever suffering a heart attack, this hard hitting, hard core stuff that emotes without over emoting and plays without over playing, is a tribute to the soul of Muddy Waters without having any of his songs on board, and all are Markey's originals. Killerly, smoking stuff throughout.

DANA FUCHS/Love Lives On: If there was still a record business as we knew it, Fuchs name would be on the lips of music fans every where. Proving herself more than able to take on the ghosts of Joplin and the Beatles, Fuchs packed herself off to Memphis to tackle the spirits of Stax and Hi showing once more that she more than has what it takes. A solid, classic feeling soul set that shows pretenders how to get the job done, this is some sizzling blue eyed soul that's a real filet of soul. Killer stuff from one who has what it takes.

SALVO LOSAPPIO/Long Story Short: A youngish sax man captures the hop head side of bebop quite capably going so far as to kick this disc off with his interpretation of "Shaw Nuff" and not missing a beat or a step. He may be a product of conservatories but he plays in an unvarnished fashion that hits all the right notes whether tearing through them or cruising along at a respectable speed. A real cutting cat that knows how to deliver the goods.

KIRA KIRA/Bright Force: Don't be fooled by the group name, this is another of Satoko Fujii's 60th birthday celebration a month discs. Leading a free jazz group whose release seems to be timed as a tribute to Cecil Taylor, the unbridled pianist brings in a ringer to round out the group as one of the original members couldn't make it and a seamless transition is effected. Differing from her other progressive jazz skins the crew here finds that sweet spot between crime jazz and concert tours of Mars for the true lefty to revel in. Out there stuff for discerning out there ears.

HANS TEUBER & JEFF JOHNSON/Deuce: An utterly elegant sax/bass duo that plays it straight without any outside embellishment and shows you how to deliver a proper recital that has feeling rather than just be pretty but just lay there. Playing together for over 25 years, this duo has the telepathy in place to lead you even if they haven't thought ahead to where they are going to take you. This is a fine example of the tasty sound of simplicity.

QAIS ESSAR/The Ghost You Love Most: Here's a world beater that really walks it like he talks it. An Afghani that lives in Phoenix, he makes modern music with ancient instruments at it's core. Since he doesn't play guitar, this sounds like a guitar date like you never heard before as his ax is somewhere in the same family, but distantly. Not opium den music but certainly foreign music from a foreign place, this is the kind of stuff you'll want to wrap your head around when something from well beyond the pale is in order. Solid stuff from an award winning pro that's come along to really open your ears in fine style.

WORLD SERVICE PROJECT/Serve: They might call themselves punk funk but we say "Peaches en Regalia" anyone. Front loading this set is Zappaesque moves, this is one of the more commercial sets from the avant garde label showing the left edge and the mainstream are getting within handshaking distance. Still loaded with wild moves ears have come to expect from this label, the faint of heart still need not apply.

BILL O'CONNELL/Jazz Latin; The only question you should have when you crack open the shrink wrap on a new O'Connell set is what he's going to play. You don't have to worry about how he's going to play or where he's going to take you because you are going to be in good hands throughout----just like you are here----once again. High octane stuff played with high octane pals, this is one Irishman that knows from caliente. Whether hitting it on original or chestnut, he melds it all together making this a piano jazz classic of the future.

JIM SNIDERO & JEREMY PELT/Jubilation: These two cats make us all wish we had admirers like the Cannibal did. Serving up some of Cannonball Adderley's best with trumpet and sax and some well jazzed up pals, this date is more than a tribute or homage, it's a classic blowing date built on classic blowing dates. Adderley might not have made it to his 90th which is celebrated here, but his music did and it exists here is killer shape. Deluxe stuff for fans and those that should be.

Volume 41/Number 158
April 7, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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