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DANIEL SANTIAGO & PEDRO MARTINS/Simbiose: With the closest any of the usual Adventure Music suspects coming to this release is getting named in the special thanks, I almost got confused as to who put this Brazilian guitar duo out. Showing there's still plenty of mileage in new sounds for this format, this two guitarists that play music instead of data researched product delight easily. Having both recorded before solo for Adventure, and with some of their mainstays, they aren't an unknown quantity and have some dandy awards under their belts. Duo guitar music is in safe hands here. Well done.

KRISTINA KOLLER/Perception: She's not jazz, she's not cabaret and she's not married to the vocal chestnuts, but she covers all these waterfronts in her own unique way. Having the advantage of youth on her side, she can freely genre splice without any of the baggage that an older diva might have to deal with. Don't know where she's going to wind up but this auspicious debut charts a nice course well worth following as it's clear she's off to a great start being a nu diva for nu times.

COLORWAY/These are the Days: Alt.rock vets take the next step into adult life with an alt.adult-3A set that keeps true to it's roots but gives soundtrack and voice to the contemporaries that grew up along with it. Bringing singer/songwriter sounds slightly ahead to the 20s, the buzz saw guitar might not buzz as hard and the anger might be subdued but the vibe is still true to the true vine.

KEVIN WOOD/Eternal: In the past, this is the kind of set that you would have given points to for creativity but in the end, you would feel like it just lays there. Times change. Is it chant? It's it electronic? Is it keyboard? It's all that with lots of stuff sampled and woven through it making it a kind of groundbreaking alternative adult pop. Assuredly in the left of center, granola category, it doesn't try to break your teeth as you crunch down and keeps swinging the doors of your mind and ears open. A great next stream date for the new age genre.

REGGIE QUINERLY/Words to Love: Rock's scrappiness might have given rise to DIY but jazz has always been more of a DIY ethic aerie. Quinerly shows brothers are doing it for themselves with a jazz outing that can get pop audiences to cross over to it. Aligning a trio of stars with star guests and rock solid originals works, he's found the key to bringing people to jazz instead of the other way around. A zesty, on the money release, this is easily a set not to miss as it grabs you from the opening riff. Killer stuff throughout by a drummer that knows how to gives everyone else some.

BEN BOSTICK/Hellfire: Blazing alt.country that was fermented in LA, the guitar slinger revs it up to spit out titular hellfire every step of the way. Nu angry music for nu angry times, this is the rocked up sound of the bottom falling out of everything. You just never know what shape protest music will take or what it will wind up being aimed at.

JORDAN OFFICER/Three Rivers: A loping, back porch release even if it has pedigree rock flowing through it's grooves. Delightfully laid back and taking easy going to new heights, this falls in the category of Guy Clark's stuff that works. When you want some light rock/singer-songwriter stuff that never turns to mush, this is the next stop you have to make. Well done throughout.

JARED GOLD/Reemergence: This is what happens when you play with your friends. Gold met guitarist/label boss Dave Striker back in 2004 and the vibe has been resonating since. An all star, old school B3 date that lives deep in the pocket, it's sure to knock you out so hard and so fast that you really won't know what hit you. Solid, mainstream jazz that kicks open all the doors, these are real sounds for hungry ears. Killer stuff throughout.

McCLENTY HUNTER JR/Groove Hunter: In which we find Dave Striker stretching his wings as quite the jazz impresario comer as he lines up names like Eddie Henderson, Eric Reed, Donald Harrison and others to give this mainstay New York drummer a chance to step out on his own and really shine. A date that's right in the post bop tradition that cruises along at break neck speed, this set keeps the groove going no matter where it goes. A highly polished set that had to be made to keep people aware of where jazz came from, this set smokes throughout.

WOODWIRED/In the Loop: An outgrowth of the Texas Lab Band experience, this clarinet/flute duo might be testing their wings right now, but when they take off---look out. This is a fully formed release that needs no excuses. Adding electronics to their mix, they take jazz/classical/electronic music to the next level of the game and blow your ears wide open. This disc is so much fun to listen to it'll make you wonder how they can be so mature when they could be making whining, down mouth music about how crappy life is. These women are a first class dream date. Creative music has a pair of new champions that know how to get it done.

Volume 41/Number 157
April 6, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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