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LELLO MOLINARI/Lello's Italian Job V. 2: It's really true that it's new if it's new to you. Molinari reaches back into his deep back pages to find special Italian songs from the past, jazz them up and bring them into the present. Even the most familiar melodies will probably baffle you as to their origin here. Proving you can jazz up anything if you know what you're doing, this sounds like a perfectly good, modern fusion date that rolls forward with the best of them. Skillful stuff that'll broaden your palette in more ways than one.

FREDDIE PATE/I Got the Blues: A white boy with the blues that loves to growl them out no matter whether they came from Memphis, Chicago, the gulf coast, LA (as in lower Alabama) or where ever. He wants the juke joint to jump and he really means it. With guitar slinging and the crew in tow, this is the tinder for a hot time in the old town tonight. You just know he's got to soak those blisters in pickle juice at the end of the night.

JOE MAZZAFERRO/In Terms of...: The trumpet man that knows how to jam, as well as call in some pretty high profile helping hands, serves up some real bad ass blowing that shows he has as much of an ear for capturing originals as he does how to play them right. A smoking post bop set loaded with what it takes to power a winner, the muscular, solid blowing here is not to be missed. Hot stuff.

TERESA JAMES & the Rhythm Tramps/Here in Babylon: How could it be blue eyed soul if Mike Finnegan was lurking in the background bringing the grease on his B3? This soulful rootsy lady isn't quite bringing the blues so much as she's brining the feeling. A perfectly balanced date that knows all the right corners to look around to find all the right moves, this is the sound of an old friend singing just for you in a special recital where all your fave moves are on parade. Well done.

SATOKO FUJII ORCHESTRA BERLIN/99 Years: Japan's protean jazz lady dons another skin and shows yet another side as the big band she organized in 2015 plays their first full, self contained work. A monstrous mash up for every stripe of free jazz you can imagine, the hard core jazz malcontent has stuff here wilder than whatever Carla Bley gave us in her wildest dreams. High octane stuff for those who cruise at 200 mph.

DIANE MARINO/Soul Serenade: With so much for the collective memory to process these days, it's nice that Gloria Lynne has a champion in her long time band mate, Marino. More of a celebration album than a tribute album, the classy vocalist is given fine remembrance here as a brace of her high tone renditions are given a fine light. A jazzy vocal album that works throughout, Marino is fully ready to take flight on her own, especially of she plans on keeping it classy. Well done.

PETER V BLUES TRAIN/Running Out of Time: White boys with the blues rock bug set out to bite you and spread the vibe. Rollicking through their third set as a crew, they know how to party and they know how to get you moving to the grooving as well. A powerful set that is as subtle as a runaway train, sometimes you need a party that just won't quit. Solid throughout.

BOB REA/Southbound: If this smacks you as a throwback to the great Texas troubadours of the 70s it proves that something classic doesn't have to be dated and that when you've got the feeling, you've got the feeling. A trip back to when ‘outlaw' was more of a life style than a marketing handle and the players couldn't be easily grouped in a pigeon hole, this is the antidote to sippy cup country. Killer stuff throughout.

TIM WOODS/Human Race: I don't know if he was influenced by the Delta blues men or the English cats who ripped them off as he's got the bluster and brashness of English cats who think they stumbled upon something no one else knew about. Recorded in the south where stuff like this feels natural, it's a big, boss set that revels in kicking ass. If you feel like an old school boogie bear, this is going to resonate big time.

PARKER LONGBOUGH/Left On Tri: Lou Reed re-connects with the indie rock he invented by way of disaffected Alaskan roots. The top level of malcontent rock to come along lately, all you can do is put this on and expect the unexpected. Crazy stuff that takes you on a wilder ride than you might be ready for, if you're of the mind to, just strap yourself in and let the record do the rest.

Volume 41/Number 133
March 13, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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