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EVAN HARRIS/Skylines: This young, Aussie sax cat is loaded with the kind of chops that would draw him away from Australia to land squarely in New York City and fit right in right away. With a love for jazz and improv coming directly from his gut, he leads a smart crew here after capably proving himself rubbing elbows with a load of modern giants. He's not changing the world but he is making it a much prettier place to plug into. Check it out.

ADRIAN NYE/West With the Night: First class organic/back 40 sounds that catapult this cat to the front ranks of modern folkies with recidivist roots. Roots, folk, alt.country or whatever you want to call it, this is the set you want playing when you are in full back porch mode. A solid writer with a great eye and ear, this is the kind of stuff those looking for meaty dates are sure to love.

ANDY WICKETT & WORLD SERVICE/Creatures of Love: Not as MTV ready as Simon LeBon, the original vocalist of Duran Duran checks in with the band he's been building a following with. Bringing back 80s new wave with an eye toward the future, this almost singer/songwriter set with synths hit's the target for those that remember it all fondly.

NOAH PREMINGER/Genuinity; And sometimes you just have to go full Euro to get to the heart of the New York sax sound you want to deliver. A solidly left leaning date where the accent is on blowing---and mighty blowing you get. Basement jazz club sounds are alive and well.

BREEZY RODIO/Sometimes the Blues Got Me: Leave it to Delmark to find a white boy with the blues that sounds like the love child of everyone that made Chicago blues the distinctive sound heard round the world. Respectful of the urban migration tradition, Rodio shows why he's as big in Japan as Godzilla and quite the monster in other parts. Hot stuff throughout that'll take you you back to the Checkerboard and other hot spots, this forward into the past release hits all the high notes there are. Killer stuff.

B'S BEES/Kanata: Heating up the Canadian nights with their left leaning jazz, this time they really turn their gaze to Canada with a suite that impressionistically looks at defining moments in Canada's history. Angular and muscular to a fault, this bunch recorded this when fresh off the road and they seem more charged up than depleted. Hot stuff for those looking for a wild ride.

MARIE KNIGHT/Gospel Truth Live: A hard core gospel date that has the same recorded feel as the classic dates recorded back in the day, this is Knight rousing the crowd in one of her last but lasting performances being celebrated now as her sidekick, Rosetta Tharp, is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and there really wouldn't be one without the other. A rock solid influence on early rock, this is the kind of show that gets you pounding on the rock for all ages. Killer stuff that defies genre labels.

CARL MICHEL GROUP/Music in Motian: It takes a guitarist to recognize a drummer? This guitar man was smitten by the work of Motian and felt he needed to be drawn out of the background, no matter how impressive the backgrounds he held sway in was. A delightful voyage of the acolyte, Michel and his bunch find the music that was there all along, in Motian's original works, and gives it the airing he feels it so richly deserves. Really a date loaded with heart and soul.
STEVEN TROCH BAND/Rhymes for Mellow Minds: White boy blues from Belgium? Oh, come on, you've read about stranger combinations on these pages. This can't be what Homer's talking about when he says he hates Flanders, this is spunky, off the beaten track stuff that plays with sincerity. Left of center fun that you really have to find the right club in the right place to enjoy, it's a solid ear opening experience that all makes sense in the end.

SPIN CYCLE/Assorted Colors: The jazzy New Yorkers that have known each other for over 25 years come back with their second album that proves the debut was no fluke. Jazzbos to the core, they cast an ear toward the future once again serving up vibes and grooves that just don't know when to quit. All sure handed pros, they know how and what to deliver to keep the listeners ears on it's toes. Upbeat, fun stuff that's a gasser to have around. Well done.

SUPER HI FI/Blue and White: When dub reggae and indie rock meet up with white boys at the wheel, this is what it sounds like. Hazy and off the beaten track, this is wild, young malcontent mash up material that'll drive you nuts if you aren't down with the vibe. If you're young and don't have to get up for work, this is the party on a platter for you as it merrily mashes up things you didn't even know could be mashed.

Volume 41/Number 130
March 10, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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