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BOB WASHUT DODECTET/Journey to Knowhere: Take a big band format, pare it down but stock it with real hitters and let the good vibes fly. With a symphonic feel to it any way, this long time pro shows what he's been up to laboring in the vineyards all these years. Tasty whether big band or not, it's a set of top flight jazz where it all works perfectly. Music like this exists perfectly without the machine behind it. Well done.

MIGUEL DE ARMAS QUARTET/What's to Come: One of the prime movers of timba, the Cuban pianist now taking up residence in Canada does a Latin jazz and more session that is just as right for gringos as it is Cubans. A percolating set that goes down easily and well, this sure handed leader adds nicely to the piano jazz trio canon. A tasty set well worth your attention.

CHERI MAGILL/Tour Guide: It might seem like a kid's record but it's really a record for moms that feel somewhat displaced now that everything doesn't revolve around them anymore. A new kind of new age sound, millennial moms now have a new pal they can share wine with without having to whine.

DOGWOOD/Hecate's Hounds: An introspective instrumental duo that has the same feel as boundary pushing as early 70s works that you almost didn't know whether or not to call jazz lands their debut in fine style. Certainly a sitting down session for listeners that like to listen deeply, it might not be cutting edge or improv but it doesn't like sticking to the rules. A worthy side trip for the open eared.

RUGRATS season 3: Oh sure, Angelica might be looking angelic with that halo over her head but this bounty of episodes of the classic prove otherwise. With a bunch of uber classic episodes in the mix, it's easy to see why this isn't one of those series that peaked early. With edgy, punk rock energy running high at all levels of the game, the spot on writing and the characterizations that delve beyond cliché even when being overly familiar, this proves you don't need Netflix to fill your viewing time with right on options. Like a great jazz jam session, each one of the kids gets some and the tapestry of it all makes 11 hours go by just a touch too fast. These are the kind of looks back at childhood we all need.

RUGRATS season 4: The kids don't get a little older but they do get a little older although most them talk but can still only understand each other---and the parents understanding them, meh. Loaded with the screw ball ideas only kids can have, like trying to toilet train a dog and cognating plenty of words wrong, Tommy and the gang keep saving disaster after disaster ala Paddington. The train rolls on a and the quality remains the same.

Volume 41/Number 126
March 6, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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