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CECILIA SANCHIETTI/La Terza Via: An utterly old school Euro date by one of the leading lights of Italian jazz that doesn't feel old school so much as it does classic. A drummer that knows how to give everyone some and makes this feel like a piano trio date, this is how it is after hours when the players are really playing for themselves. Real music for real ears, there's not a false note in the bunch from these pros and a good time is had by all.

DAVID BERTRAND/Palmyra & Other Places: Jazz flute hasn't been this much fun since Hubert Laws was a young blood. The Trinidadian took on New York and a lot of good rubbed off on both of them. A modern, angular set, this is anything but background music and commands your full attention when you are sitting down to enjoy it. A tasty work that pushes everything forward nicely, it has a vibe you just can't resist.

JEFF HAMILTON TRIO/Live From San Pedro: His mother inspired him to music and this was recorded 16 days before Hamilton's mother passed. It's dedicated to her and the spirited playing shows you can love your momma without being a momma's boy. Swinging mightily in a piano trio that's been at it for 17 years, playing like this is what drew you to jazz in the first place. When pros are kicking it out, this set shows precisely how nothing can stop them. Put this on the top of your list of killer dates because there's no place else to put it.

EVA O/Rise of: This queen of darkness that's had 2 husbands kill themselves turns her Goth gaze to you to pull you into her web. Certainly not for mass consumption, death metal band fans will enjoy this ‘ballads' album that almost feels like a spoken word album with it's minimalism. You thought Nico was too spunky for you, this contemporary of her's will show you the other side of the mirror.

VITO LITURRI TRIO/From Beyond: There's nothing other worldly or nether worldly about the music on display here, just a creative piano trio looking to push the boundaries without being creative for the sake of creativity. A dandy, angular set, these jazzbos are on the money crafting a solid sitting down jazz date with as many twists and turns as a roller coaster. Tasty stuff that opens the ears nicely, this is made for the real listener looking for something meaty.

SOFIA TRIO/Sofia: A improvising trio that's looking to sell you on their telepathy rather than their pyrotechnics comes in with something that feels linear and thought out with loads of influences proudly on display when you least expect some of them. Stopping well short of being eggheaded and pedant, this bunch likes to swing and feel free spreading the gospel of that. Delightful stuff that takes you somewhere else, this is solid change of pace.

FABIAN SCHOENE QUARTET/Cast Off: A young sax man and his trumpet foil certainly know their way around some serious daddio jazz. With a feel that flows right from all the classic blowing dates, the energy and the octane are all burning bright and high. Jazz, encumbered by heaviness, this is upbeat, smoking tasty stuff that brings the party back to jazz land. Irresistible throughout, this is the stuff winning careers are built on. Well done.
71193 (Jazz Thing Next Generation 71)

CHRISTY DORAN/Undercurrent: A long standing jazzbo that cites Coltrane and Hendrix as influences shows his timeless side with a set that sounds minimalist, progressive and has swing coming out of it in it's own way. Rolling a bunch of tasty stuff all into one, this latest entry in the European Jazz Legends series shines on a nice light on a cat that been spending a lot of time lately in education, but he hasn't let it go to his head. Sitting down jazz that works well, these are players in his trio that came to play---and they put it all out there. You certainly can feel the spirit of Hendrix looking down and wondering why he didn't try this. Check it out.
71326 (Jazz Thing)

NICK BIELLO/Vagabond Soul: A cat that has continually rubbed shoulders with the best of the best in jazz, he does the unthinkable by being a stand out sax player in a city like New York that's full of standout sax players. With a real head for keeping his head in the game, Biello continually finds the sweet spot that shows he's here for the long haul. Solid stuff that's on the money throughout.

TAUTOLOGIC/Re: Psychle: And you thought Chicago was all blues, jazz and working class rock? How about this Zappa inspired date about all the screw balls that live in Obama's old neighborhood? For those that like it on the Lou Reed side with wildly progressive edges he'd have never touched on, a new time zone can be built right here. Crazy stuff for when you need something over the top with real professional underpinnings.

Volume 41/Number 91
January 30, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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