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JON DURANT/Parting Is: We're always up for a solo guitarist that's willing to push the envelope as well as play it pretty and Durant steps away from his group for a set that loops, fuses and fuzzes it's way onto your play list with ease. An explorative set that isn't work to listen to, this almost takes ambient to new spaces. A solid work that's way to the left of what the average Leo Kottke fan would cotton to, this is for those that find Eno too far to the left but want to mix it up some. Well crafted.

THAD JONES/Complete Albums Collection 1954-1959: Long before the long Village Vanguard residency took place, this one of the Jones boys was showing what the could do on his off hours from the Basie band throughout the 50s. Grouping nine albums under one cover, this is a smoking collection of daddio jazz that's loaded with timeless feel as played by the trumpet chair of the Jones jazz family. A set of endless joyful noise, this is easily a jazzbo delight of a collection.

PEPPER ADAMS/Complete Albums Collection 1957-1961: Think about it: you often see thumbnails of Adams' album covers on Amazon but very rarely in thrift stores. A tough playing Detroit sax man that could go toe to toe with Gerry Mulligan in the same time period, this smoking daddio could handle his sax the way Paul Bunyan could handle his ax. Collecting 8 top shelf sets with loads of killer sidemen, often leaders in their own rights, this will speak to the daddio in jazzbos everywhere. Killer stuff that's a treat to have all in one place.

LAWSON ROLLINS/Airwave-The Greatest Hits: If you aren't already familiar with this smoking acoustic guitarist that's never played a false note, imagine what a revelation this greatest hits collection looking back over the last decade will do to your ears. A fatly tracked set that gives you more than an over view of what he's been about, this no fat, note perfect set takes it to the next level of the game with the additions of unreleased tracks, new mixes and all that. A distillation of solid punch that connects!

ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ/Little Dream: A young Cuban piano man that came to these shores as a side kick of Quincy Jones, Rodriguez is a master of spirited Latin jazz with world wise touches that bounces along in a most buoyant, happy way. Uplifting music that points about as far away from dour as you can get, this is like listening to Danilo Perez on steroids. Just the thing you need when you want to lighten your load, this is as charming and tasty as it gets. Well done.

MARK WADE TRIO/Moving Day: Playing with the kind of telepathy that made Windham Hill and ECM records so hard to classify, this set is right in the spirit of those early NAC records where you didn't really know what to call them but good. Modern jazz played with the kind of discipline that makes it real music as opposed to creativity for the sake of creativity, any set of solid adult ears will recognize this for the gem it is. Tasty stuff throughout.

NAKED SUN/War With Shadows: Indie folk rockers more about the future than the past, they aren't afraid to mix in all the contemporary flourishes they feel at home with. A nice driving sound underpinning it all, this is the sound of the contemporary college coffee house done right.

GEORGE COTSIRILOS QUARTET/Mostly in Blue: The tasty jazz guitarist expands his sound from a trio and it's amazing what a few extra hands can add to something that was already on point. Soaring well beyond the club walls that feel like should be containing this sound, this is wonderful contemporary jazz that keeps one foot in the daddio world and one foot in the modern world. Tasty? As always. It almost feels like there's never been a better antidote to a traffic jam than this jam. Well done throughout.

PETER KARP/Blue Flame: A second generation white boy with the blues, you wouldn't know this cat didn't spring from the original crew that roamed the west side of Chicago. A rocker with more blues than rock in his slide guitar attack, this is a top shelf act that delivers the goods with plenty of bounce to the ounce. It'll take you back to the 60s without feeling like an artifact and leave you saying ‘whew' when it's over and done. Smoking hot killer stuff that never quits that's a winner throughout.

MICHELLE MALONE/Slings & Arrows: A rootsy, rocking rebel with southern blues populating her rocked up sound, this gal is no wall flower in making it clear she wants what she wants and knows how to get it. Rollicking stuff from a gal that won't bring home the bacon and fry it up in pan but delivers on everything else you could want. Killer stuff from a rising luminary that's here for the party.

Volume 41/Number 81
January 20, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2018 Midwest Record

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