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BONSAI UNIVERSE/Moonstream: A modern hippie with a solid CV dips his toes in the water with this break out album in that it's his solo debut and the kick off of his new group concept. Taking you on a prog lite trip through the universe, this is for kids that still have mildly cynical college professors they can get high with while said teacher is just paying the bills until he can finish his novel.

ED PALERMO BIG BAND/Adventures of Zodd Zundgren: Why a big band album paying tribute to Zappa and Rundgren? They were both Palermo's musical heroes when he was growing up and he hasn't outgrown them. And why should he? Not letting hero worship stand in his way, this sounds like the kind of full blooded recording both or either would approve of. Certainly wild stuff, but played straight throughout, some times you just have to let your guard down and have a good time.

RUSSELL SUERETH/Spiritual Odyssey: A new age keyboardist that isn't what you would expect mixes space and other sounds into his mix as he takes you on a ride that is supposed to promote growth and understanding. Quite a large order these days. Keeping hippy underpinnings in tact and in the fore, this cat feels like he's trying to be a pied piper and get all the kids to follow along--without the Jim Jones ending. Nice, ear opening stuff that's quite proper for those looking for an easy going change of pace.

KAREN SOUZA/Velvet Vault: Sure, she might look like a standard issue jazz chanteuse, and she does have a mild Marlene Dietrich vibe, but you know she's a proper pomo kitty when she mixes Duke Ellington, Sinatra and Lou Reed (with a Cococabana mix courtesy of Ricky Ricardo) while slipping in a few originals as well. We keep taking about a cocktail lounge on Mars but it looks like Souza will be one of it's first stars.

UWE GRONAU/When Every Word Was Singing: The German keyboard ace known for new age but generally is hard to pin down comes in here with a genre splicing prog date that has all the right moves in all the right places to make it feel like he's had prog moves up his sleeve all along. Not aiming for the underground here, this is a friendly, mass appeal date that will strike a chord with anyone who's ever dug Peter Gabriel and wants a boatload of substance over style. A tasty bag breaker from an old pro that still on the prowl.

Volume 41/Number 39
December 9, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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