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FRANCIS MOSS/Tickor: Now, if you were take John Fahey bleeding edge stuff and fuse it to John Coltrane's sheets of sound period, you would have an approximation of what's going on here. A killer, smoking date for guitar fans that want more than just pretty playing but don't want crazy stuff, this cutting edge sound is familiar but distant in a good way. With tracks that feel composed rather than aimlessly drifting, a killer experiment has a very successful launch here. A totally grand ear opener.

NEW YORK ELECTRIC PIANO/State of the Art: Ooops, we used up all our superlatives on their last album and here they've gone and upped the game. Returning as a telepathic trio that could only find a third party home if ECM and Red Light decided to form a joint venture to see what would appeal to the next generation, this date is loaded with jazz, funk and rock that goes way beyond, f*cking with you as it delights you. A real instrumental gem, sets like this start to make you think lyrics are over rated. Killer stuff throughout.

JIM SHANEBERGER BAND/Above & Below: Hard hitting heartland hard rockers that are products of their times in that they can genre splice or shred with equal amplitude and attitude. A throw back to when good time guys did this to meet girls, their sound has what it takes to get otherwise comely suburban lasses to forget about propriety for a while. Real shack shakers.

JOHN STETCH & Vulneraville/ Vancouver Concert: Another restless soul who moonlights as an educator but doesn't let education go to his head, the piano man pushes every boundary he can find with his world wise crew that starts out in jazz, but adds classical vibes and goes from here. A winner of sitting down listening date, even when he swings or makes you think he's going to roll off the rails, this is just the latest in a long CV that shows he knows his stuff. Not malcontent jazz, this is just something that can get your blood flowing without standing up. Solid stuff throughout.

LYNN TAYLOR & the Barflies/ Staggered: The new generation Todd Sniders and Bob Schneiders is hiding in these grooves. The next generation of alt.Nashville with some Michael Hurley in the mix next to John Prineism, malcontents have a winner here as this set prides itself on coloring outside the lines and smashing expectations. Wild stuff hiding out in deceptively simple licks.

MABEL GREER'S TOYSHOP/The Secret: The cats that launched a million prog bands regroup for the first time in 45 years to see if they still have what it takes. Originals in a time when prog was a calling rather than a device, they have some heavy tricks up their sleeves that real proggers will go dropping their jaws over. Originals that still have it, all that's missing here is Peter Dean art work. Whew!

MISS FREDDYE/Lady of the Blues: Freddye has been working it for a slew of years now and that entitles her to round up all the west coast white boys with the blues to serve up a steaming platter of hot stuff that rocks and rollicks without missing or dropping a beat. This is what they are talking about when they are talking about red hot blues mommas if you've been out in the suburbs too long. Ain't nothing here but the real deal in blues vocals throughout. Killer stuff.

MARIO ROMANO/Fenyrose Non Dimentacar: Here we have a piano man that whip his crew up into a "Kind of Blue" frenzy without sounding like he's ripping off the master. A practical cat that loved music but honed his business skills as well, he's making up for lost time here jazzing it up like he's been doing with the best of them for years. Hot and heavy stuff that's old and new at the same time and draws mightily from both sides of that line. Certainly a new taste treat that can't be beat.

LIQUID MIND XII-Peace: An incredibly timely record from Chuck Wild as he sees and seizes on the need for peace to start happening on a one to one basis--in case you hadn't noticed all the hate in the air from every direction these days. A sonic charm to slay the on charging hater, this is a sonic blanket to wrap yourself in, not a sonic sand pile to stick your head in. Symphonic and cinematic in scope, this is the kind of stuff to get people to put a little love in their heart. Almost more of a statement than a piece of well done music.

LIEBMAN-MURLEY QUARTET/Live at U of T: It's live, it's spontaneous, it's Liebman and a long time side kick that started out as one of his students letting the fur fly without being hell raisers. Recorded in the frozen north with nary a church basement or loft in the vicinity, they might be playing for a college audience but they aren't playing any college clichés. Solid cats showing what it's all about when you are in the moment, this non record should wind up getting all the honors a record can. Killer stuff for the real jazzbo, especially if in a daddio mood.

Volume 41/Number 38
December 8, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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