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AUSTIN SHAW/Felt: Ditching a career in high finance, Shaw is now the purveyor of fine music from the coffee house, hirsute division.

KAREN ATKINS/In My Room: After having a promising music career sidelined by health issues, Atkins now resumes the quest via healing music making her a purveyor of fine music from the coffee house, distaff division.

DINOSAUR EYELIDS/Left Turn on Red: Beavis once told me that this must be college music because you have to be pissed off to get into college, or something. Maybe these guys need to get Al Jourgenson hats, it doesn't look like any of them wear one.

LEF/Hypersomniac: The cleffer to a multimedia project that started in comics and takes you through a dense, dark cyber world where hell is around every corner, this is dystopian music for dystopian ears that want to take a walk on the wild side, circa 2018.

ROSEBUD: Ambient gets taken to the next level of the game by this trio that uses and fuses their formidable chops to create ambient sounds that sound like what must be the terror of being born. Not your usual music for airports, this is for ears looking to go way deeper.

AL GROMER KHAN/God Perfume: A new kind of deep ambient set in which Khan fuses new age/ambient with religious over tones from various disciplines for some superior, contemporary head music that stands the new age genre on it's ear---if you even want to consider this as new age. Not to be taken lightly, this is one of those sets that's there at the ready when you are ready for it. When you give it a good listen, it's cloak of darkness fades away into music that exudes hope for tomorrow. Ars gratia artis!

RINI/Maya: Hang on to your hats because this is a wild ride that doesn't stop once it takes off. A violinist that isn't happy to be confined by walls of any sort makes a multi-culti multi-mode mash up that even let's you know what the kitchen sink sounds like. Dazzling stuff that blows open your mind as well as your ears, this hyper textured set is all the world beat you ever wanted all at once---and sounding good instead of like a mish mosh. Killer stuff the open eared will love.

HELEN KELTER SKELTER/Melter: Just when we're considering how to fare forward in a world without Charlie Manson, along comes this thusly named crew with their second set. A contemporary take on garage rock, they have set sail on being revered cult heroes of tomorrow.

AIRSTREAM ARTISTRY/Jim Riggs Best of the Two: Considering that the Two O'clock Lab Band is considered the red shirted, walk-ons of the North Texas jazz program, this three record distillation the ten records released under prof Jim Riggs doesn't have any tracks that leave a sour after taste. Easily claiming their place as world class big band cats, everyone on board here from all the different years does themselves and the program proud. Clearly a set you want to turn toward if you feel you aren't getting enough quality big band, this is a non-stop, killer collection to be accorded the highest order of the jazzbo. Hot stuff.

ONE O'CLOCK LAB BAND/Lab 2017: This recording celebrated the band's 70th anniversary and showcases what's been going on in the first year under Alan Baylock's direction. Goddamn if this doesn't sound like some high octane 50s Marty Paich session with everyone blowing and the heat up high. Tasty stuff throughout no matter from where they are pulling the tunes from, this is what demanding ears that want some real listening have been demanding. A winner throughout.

Volume 41/Number 21
November 21, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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