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SECURITY PROJECT/Contact: This bunch of King Crimson pals reaches back to give it a go on early Peter Gabriel tracks (and we'd be surprised if they weren't all pals). Not exactly the progressive version of a gift shop record (because I'll bet this was a labor of love that didn't even pay the players scale), old left fielders are entitled to their well played nostalgia as well.

MICHELLE COLTRANE/Awakening: Your mom is Alice Coltrane, your step dad is John Coltrane and your real dad is Kenny Hagood. Music in your genes? At long last, stepping into the spotlight after a few nonstarter tries, Coltrane emerges as a back in the day jazz vocalist that steps up to the mic and does all her parents proud---especially when hitting it out of the park in their own territories. With a great crew giving her their all, this is a long over due discovery that shows how it just takes time to make a diamond. Well done.

GALEN WESTON/Space Between: Taking the radical step of giving away copies of his sizzling debut, Weston calls on former Simon & Bard associates to deliver his latest in top shelf guitar fusion style. A smoking hot release that flies out of your device of choice, this swinging, set simply has all the right notes in all the right places and proves beyond all shadow of a doubt that a new guitar hero walks among us. Well done throughout.

KATE MacLEOD/Deep in the Sound of Terra: Making her recording debut after 50 years of playing behind others, MacLeod should be affecting more of a Wonder Woman pose on the back cover but can you imagine the derision the average folk music buyer would be snorting at the average folklore center record racks? With the playing here, she should be affecting a Wonder Woman pose! Killer, inspired playing and a guest list that isn't there for free beer all pulled together by such a depth of unbridled passion for her interpretation of the music of the earth----this is the total package. Folkie, instrumental taken to the max, this is as hot as it gets.

PETER PARCEK/Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven: Flat out real stuff for those that want their white boys with the blues to have it all on the ball. With a crew of nothing but hitters from top to bottom to insure quality, this guitar slinger goes deep into the belly of the beast offering up a must for those who demand it authentic. A wild ride that hasn't been rolling through these parts in years.

PETER GALPERIN/This Burning Sun: This singer/songwriter voices every day concerns that get lost in the general singer/songwriter mill---like hoping his next girl friend isn't crazy and he wants to know now. Bringing a pomo sensibility to this arena, he might be the poster boy for singing about life in the alien nation where everything is uncharted.

JOHNNY NICHOLAS & FRIENDS/Too Many Bad Habits: Rescued from 40 years of obscurity, these honky tonking sides original released by Blind Pig show that jumping, fun music is timeless. Expanded to a double cd set with lot s of previously unreleased and hidden tracks, there's a bunch of Austin and blues greats on board as well and, really, a good time is had by all. A clear cut winner for any period Asleep at the Wheel fans, this is hot stuff throughout.

DAVID'S ANGELS/Traces: Jazz based but invading moody singer/songwriter territory, this is stuff for those that like the gloomy margins and call that space home. The chops on board are undeniable but more mainstream tastes probably would have preferred they moved in other directions.

PHILIPPE DEBARGE/Rock St. Trop: It wasn't all hippies grokking on acid in 1969--over in France they were making sunshine pop with hard core rockers and showing Brigitte Bardot the proper love. Still zesty after all these years, it is experimental pop to an extent but a charming set for those that just like to go left field without the wheels rolling off. Fun stuff that hasn't gone out of style.

FOVEA/Pencil Me In: Modern trippy mash up music for whatever designer drug strikes your fancy these days, it's left field enough that you can almost personalize your experience listening to it. Or you can take it at face value---sunshine pop for a dreary day.

Volume 41/Number 4
November 4, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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