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ERNESTO CERVINI'S TURBOPROP/Rev: He's too modest to admit it himself so I'll do it for him, Canada's Cervini is one of the most versatile, talented drummers hitting the skins today. On the overdue second outing by his crew, this is forward leaning jazz that raises the bar for all creative musicians looking to extend their reach as well as listeners looking for stuff that goes one step beyond but still colors within the lines. Hard hitting, all pro stuff that dazzles the ear, this is seriously cooking stuff that works throughout.

SETH KIBEL/Songs of Snark & Despair: 45 years ago, Bill Horowitz gave us "Lies, Lies, Lies" and now a klezmer kid kicks the political wheel into gear with some hokum flavored jazz and more that shows just how recent events have made his mind spin. We don't profess politics here but if you are stunned by current events, this is a lot better for you than a round of "Kumbiya".

SAM MOORE/American Patriot: A timely record from the old soul man that celebrates America with soul. How is that a bad thing? The usual tracks are well represented here.

STEVE HUNTER/Before the Lights go Out: The quintessential big rock/AOR guitarist of the 70s & 80s shows there's no dust on him as he kicks it out in high style even if his eye sight is going. Proving he doesn't need to see where the frets are to hit all the right notes, this blazing tour de force sounds like it should have been made by a guitar slinger that wasn't even born yet when Hunter was making his bones. You like rock guitar that knows no bounds? This is for you. Killer stuff throughout.

KEVIN KASTNING-CARL CLEMENTS/Even This Late it Happens: For their fifth guitar/sax duet, the gang widens the dreamscapes you've gotten accustomed to on previous releases and takes things to strange corners of your mind where incongruous things tend to cluster together and create new wholes. Solidly left leaning music, this really opens the mind to limitless possibilities. Another winner from these two with ease.

PODD/Cosmic Forces: Instrumental head music mash up material, this date takes you around the block and back with all the stops in between as it might be prog--or it might not. Wild stuff that jump starts good acid trips, Tim Leary would be proud of the results.

JESSE TERRY/Stargazer: Someone's been listening to late period Beatles records when no one was looking. Cast as an atmospheric singer/songwriter, I'm hearing Sgt. Pepper and beyond here. Things change and maybe he's a Pepper for the times.

EL ECO with GUILLERMO NOJECHOWICZ/Puerto de Buenos Aires 1933: Imagine a set inspired by a passport photo of ancestors on the run from hardship. What would you imagine the music to be? Probably nothing like the stuff unfolding here. Atmospheric jazz with a real cinematic scope by a cat that knows his way around film work. Certainly an ensemble work as everyone here really contributes, this stuff is somewhere off to the side of where they don't make stuff like this anymore. An engrossing outing, this is sure to capture the attention of the adult listener really looking for something solid but really different. Check it out.

GIL SPITZER/Falando Docemente: A 75 year old anti-skronk sax man makes his recording debut in fine style as he stays to the sweet side of things letting taste lead the way. Working out with a bright crew on a set of mostly chestnuts, we get conformation here that not only is music the universal language, it's a timely language as well. Solid work throughout.

DRAWN TOGETHER-THE COMPLETE COLLECTION: Trip with us back to the turn of the century when reality shows were so out there that the only way to make fun of them was with a cast of cartoon characters that were thrown together to live in the same house ala the tenor of the times. With no limits to the madness, madness ran amok and this show is better remembered than all the teen angst that is gone like a cool breeze. All 36 episodes, the movie and all the madness, it's all here---and it's still as funny as ever. Collected here together under one roof for the first time.

Volume 41/Number 1
November 1, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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