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SCOTT RAMMINGER/Alive & Ornery: A white boy with the blues and more, he and his gang like to lope along with a Nawlins shuffle when they aren't taking it to other places. Two discs of live and dir3ect shows to you, this is a fun way to pass an evening if the baby sitter won't let you out of the house to enjoy stuff like this for real.

RK DAWKINS/Journey: Can you grow up in Detroit on a diet of funk, become a lawyer and finally say screw law to get back to the funk? Sure thing. Playing all the instruments himself, Dawkins don't need the law and it's liability when he can run off such skanking funk to a lot more fulfillment. A smart solo tour de force that's got to be more fun to write than a bunch of briefs.

BLACK GARDINIA/Lucky Star: C'mon, we all hate faux. Vintage recreations done with passion and authenticity are another story. Here we find what it would have sounded like if prime Billie Holiday hooked up with the Hot Club for a one off that wound up setting the sky on fire. An utterly smoking journey through a past that never was, this is how you polish a stone into a gem. Killer stuff throughout.

PJ PERRY QUARTET/Alto Gusto: A smart sax led gang fires up a bunch of classics in classic style. With the ease of an after hours date from back in the day, the playing is relaxed but on point throughout and everyone gets some along the way. Full of bop for all, this is one seriously tasty set that's for the daddio in everyone, even if you don't really identify as a daddio. Smoking.

SAM TAYLOR QUARTET/Along the Way: I haven't heard such elegant modern sax blowing sessions since Pete Christlieb faced off with Warne Marsh---and this is another such pairing of young and old with Larry McKenna as part of this duet. Smoking bop and daddio jazz on it's own anyway, this is the right on kind of sound that keeps us buying Blue Note's today that are older than our grand fathers. Swinging, killer stuff that flawlessly brings the heat throughout.

DAVIDE PANNOZZO/Unconditional Love: A pizanno boy with the blues, all it took was one phone call from a hitter to get him to relocate to NYC and take a bite out of the Big Apple with his rocked up modern blues leading the way. Smoking nu stuff for nu ears, this is the proof there's a riot going on---bringing in new stuff like a rising tide.

DIMITAR LIOLEV/Eastern Shadows: The sax man takes you on a different kind of mash up as he mixes left leaning jazz with Bulgarian folk music for that wild kind of dissonance that sounds like it came from the church basement but didn't. A malcontent extravaganza, a modified version of the skronk is fully in evidence as east meets west in a mash mosh hug.

DONNA SINGER/Feeling the Jazz: Ah, when subtle and grace collide...Singer tears it up one more time with accomplice Doug Richards and his gang for a set that doesn't need frills when it dazzles without really trying. Firmly in the classic jazz club mode, with a set card that echoes same, Singer is a jazz vocal gift to the jazz vocal fans. This set is sure to take you back, even if you weren't there the first time. Thrilling stuff that wrote the book on hitting all the right notes.

REGGIE PITTMAN-LOREN DANIELS QUARTET/Smilessence: Stopping at various jazz ports of call, this crew gets to grooving early and often on this sweet set that follows the muse but doesn't follow the rules. Tasty stuff from real jazzbos out to spread the good vibes, this little cooker is a real attention grabber.

JUSTIN PIPER/Transcend: Almost an acolyte of the Peter Lang school of guitar, Piper knows his way around a few other stringed instruments as well and has the smarts to take you on a hippy guitar trip that's anything but dippy. A nice ear opener for guitar fans looking for something engaging while out of the ordinary, Piper is certainly one to keep an ear on.

VERONNEAU/Love & Surrender: Not content to wear one jazz hat, this jazzy gal is one of the main anchors in the DC jazz scene bringing her world view to the miasma, chasing it away with a set that answers what would it sound like if the Hot Club had a modern jazz singer at the forefront bring her old soul to the proceedings. Gleefully out of the ordinary, this crew is sneakily a real delight for the armchair traveler as well as the world jazzbo.

Volume 40/Number 364
October 30, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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