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ANDRE BISSON/Break: Every few years, one of these blue eyed soul cats drops upon the scene, but there must be something in the water in Canada because this cat comes the closest to what we want to hear in blue eyed soul (and blues). Much more than just a white boy with the blues, Bisson sings it like he lived it ands certainly feels it. A full on show on a platter, this is what the modern frat boy should be kicking it out to. Hot stuff.

CORINA BARTRA/Tqakunde: Keeping it real, this Afro Peruvian jazz vocalist doesn't go for the frippery when she can enchantingly keep you riveted to stuff that comes from her heart or close to it. Wily world beat sounds that are tailor made for the armchair traveler, when all the elements come together in such tasty fashion like they do here, you have a killer set for kicking back and enjoying as you slip into an aura of ease. A fun trip throughout.

DA CRUZ/Eco do Futuro: Take a transplanted Brazilian and a band from Germany and let the fur fly. You get deep soul future music from a Brazil that isn't really--but should be. With a fusion of roots intertwining, this is tasty, party music that is more than empty, musical calories. A delightfully tasty set, this is a jam what am. Hot stuff throughout.

LUPA SANTIAGO & ANDERS VESTERGARD QUARTET/Inside Turnabout: Swedish jazz with international chops and an early 70s ECM vibe running through it, this set isn't
an homage or throwback, it's just a bunch of pros have a good time and wanting to spread the good vibes. Loaded with a nice after hours feel, it might feel hipster but you don't have to be a hipster to dig it. Check it out.

JONATHAN SARAGA/Journey to a New World: Stand down, despite the title this isn't as arty as it could be. Certainly not art jazz, Saraga is a trumpeter with a singular vision that is motherloded by a creative force but isn't a slave to it. Top shelf sitting down jazz, this smart set shows that goods things are going to come easily from his horn of plenty. A solid outing that needs your attention.

KYLE EASTWOOD/In Transit: Times flies so fast that it's hard to realize that young Eastwood has been plying his trade over two decades and that he's learned his jazz chops from poppa well. Deep in the tradition of daddio jazz, bass ace Eastwood brings the traditional forward and let the swing fly. Tasty post bop from a guy that rubbed elbows with James Moody on movie sets when he was still a touch wet behind the ears, the talent was in the DNA and this is how it escaped. Smoking stuff throughout.

WAYNE TUCKER/Wake Up and See the Sun: If we ever needed a young cat that knows how to get it done but knows his way around the classic church basement. A trumpeter that knows his way about stylistic mash ups that keep you riveted, this 60s throwback walks you through it all on the way to a smashing conclusion that sum up a first class listening experience. Young ‘uns will be impressed more than grumpy old men will, but in any case, this recording is impossible to ignore. Hot stuff throughout.

SAMUEL POMPEO QUINTETO/Que Descaida: In which your mind really has to go to another time and place. Choro and jazz were born around the same time. Pompeo asks the question only he can answer here---what if the two genres were conjoined twins? Such a wild flight of Latin fancy, this set is a mind blower for anyone looking for real music by cats that want to really kick it out. A fascinating, engaging set, you have to have no pulse whatsoever not to enjoy this. Killer stuff genetically engineered to blow your mind completely.

RICHIE COLE/Latin Lover: Simply, a first class, fun album. The classic, hard bopping sax man takes his ax south on a set of originals and classics that make you go ‘huh?'. A delightful romp with nothing to prove, if you heard these sounds coming out of a club, you'd have enough drinks to have to have to call Uber to get home. This is the sound of a pro at work that doesn't make it sound like work. Killer stuff throughout.

DENNY ZEITLIN & GEORGE MARSH/Expedition: I used to try to give history lessons to young musicians that wanted to push the envelop. Remember how Giorgio Moroder made a disco come back in his 70s? Here we find the experimental face of the good doctor Zeitlin going the improv route with his electro duo pal showing the young ‘uns how to make more compelling house music---if they would only listen to the voice of experience. Oddly enough, this is wild, young people music that even moldy figs can enjoy and not be bitching about those kids today. Recording under the ultimate freedom of not having to answer to anybody, more than his jazz, more than his soundtrack work, this telepathically recorded duo date makes a good case for how under appreciated the mind of Zeitlin is. It might be left leaning stuff for left fielders but anyone interested in exploration and sound will be putting this on the freshly opened first round Grammy ballot. Killer excursions throughout.

JULIA SCOTTI/Hello Boys...I'm Back: Uproar took the lead in being a label that was LBG friendly--and now they've added T to the mix. Scotti was a comic before that conversion and now takes the lead in making fun of herself and the world around her as it reacts to her. Loaded with jokes that make you think for a second before you laugh--those that can, make you laugh, those that can't---oh well. Wildly funny stuff where we're laughing with her, not at her.

Volume 40/Number 351
October 18, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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