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PEACE WORSHIPPERS: A gold medal winning set right out of the box, this set is for the deep, armchair traveler that wants to explore the farthest corners of the world without giving up indoor plumbing. Amjad Ali Khan, acknowledged as the greatest Indian musician, gathers his sons and a gal pal with impeccable credits to go deep into the world beat bag. A master sarod player, he takes us way beyond mere opium den music into the sonic landscape even Tracy Sterne never envisioned. If you're ready for a master class into the unknown, this set is sure to set the hairs on the back of your neck on fire. Certainly sitting down listening, this is where trances begin.

PETER WARD/Blue son MY Shoulders: Some warm, winning stuff from a white boy with the blues that's been slinging his guitar for 40 years as a sideman and now steps out in to the light. With a bunch of leaders rounding out his crew, this is one sweetie of an after hours set that brings the blues without bringing you down. Contemporary while being traditional, this is a set that'll get you paying attention and not wanting to miss a beat.

JOE CARO & THE MET BAND/Every Dog Has His Day: It's quite likely you've never heard of this protean New York cat since he's been busy making a living, but he's played everything with everyone and has the pals on board here to prove it. A jazz/rock session that really cooks because there's a lot of cookers on board, this dandy ear opener is just what the doctor ordered. Hard hitting stuff that's sure to get your blood flowing, this set fires on all eight with the gas burning on high. Check it out.

JEFF DINGLER/In Transit: What happens when a New York bass player with a real feel for smooth jazz plays for Nelson Riddle and winds up living in Ethiopia? This. A smart set that binds and blends his influences and vibes, this good natured set has a lot on the ball that keeps you in it's pocket as it stays in the pocket. Tasty stuff, this is lite jazz for properly lite times when you just need that extra something to finish off the mood and the mode.

MIKE MUDFOOT McDONALD/Tired of the Same old Rut? Play This: A longtime Canadian white boy with the blues, it sounds like guitar slinging is second nature to him by now. Known for rubbing shoulders with the crème of the crop, McDonald knows how to be a real crowd pleaser that can push away the blues by bringing them on. Fun stuff that's meant to be fun stuff, this is quite a delightful way to kick out the jams and not hurt your hammy in the process. Check it out.

ADAM RUDOLPH/Morphic Resonances: Is it jazz? Is it classical? Is it Rudolph following his Stravinsky tendencies as he really kicks it on his first composed release? Straying from improv to the extent this collection has some commissioned pieces, this is a set for those who like experimental music that doesn't roll off the rails. Certainly a blessing of a set for eggheads, it's easy to sit back and tap your chin thoughtfully to this set.

PAUL MORAN/Smokin' B3 Vol 2 Still Smoking: When you add the right grease to the B3, oldies, Broadway, soul, originals and Beatles all come together under the same roof with the right mix. Tasty stuff that sets the pace for B3 playing, Moran and his crew deliver the goods most righteously. Well done throughout.

NIK TURNER/Life in Space: Funny how some geezers are told they sound dated and some geezers are championed for being keepers of the flame. Original Hawkwind player Turner comes back from space to lift all the fans of space rock back to his home planet with the help of some geezers that still want to chart the cosmos. Space rock from the masters of that universe, it's a sure bet progressive tastes with cotton to this outing.

RONDI CHARLESTON/Resilience: Not a white girl with the blues but a white girl with the jazz that just happens to be loaded with empowering, 60s soul sentiments. Raised around jazz before becoming an award winning investigative reporter, she's come full circle back to the jazz singing she always wanted to do full time. A spirited set that builds upon previous releases when still encumbered by a day job, Charleston is a real swinger when she lets loose. Fun stuff that goes the distance.

TOMKAT/Icarus: What went wrong? This set sounds like it should have been one of those sonic bummers that bring you down but something in the mix and execution leads you to find the light in the darkness. A wild sonic mash up, you can fool your down mouth friends into not committing suicide by slipping this into the play list. At least you might get them to shut up about it is they aren't going to do it. A tasty, envelop pusher of a set that certainly brings your ears back to life.

Volume 40/Number 340
October 7, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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