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AFTER HOURS RADIO/What Happened?: College kids angling to be the next gen jam band standard bearers are ready to rock out of their dorms with disruption and anarchy for all. Just how they will corral it all remains to be seen, but they are on their way.

JOHN DAVERSA/Wobbly Dance Flower: The jazz educator that doesn't let the halls of academe go to his head, Daversa changes course from his last album and goes old school daddio with a sense of humor. A smoking small band jazzbo date where the blowing never stops and never gets old or cold, the gang here is tearing it up having a great time so you will too. Not being one to let himself get put in one bag and not be able to get out, this cooker is well done throughout. Tasty stuff served up just right.

GEOF BRADFIELD/Birdhoused: I remember when the Chicago Arts Council was basically a sounding board that funded pet projects and told everyone else to go screw themselves because funding would violate the First Amendment. How times have changed. With a grant from same, the label shifted it's locus from Canada to The Green Mill so this Chicago crew could record in Chicago. A wild, wide ranging date that sort of celebrates Chicago as well as Chicago sax, this free floating set that let's everyone stretch out as needed and accordingly is a balm for the open eared. Wild stuff that shows how free jazz is still alive and well in the city of big shoulders, it shows off some serious lung capacity as well. Well done.

DALE BOYLE/Gasoline: This Canadian that is working his Americana chops on this ep finds the corner where roots and real rock meet delivering a rocking view of the future. The kind of cat that knows how to keep it on point, he's not afraid to write checks to get first class cats in tow and really deliver the sound. A solid, wild ride that gets you there with room to spare.

LAUREN KINHAN/A Sleeping Bee: Fear not, Kinhan hasn't run out of ideas--she just wanted to revisit some Nancy Wilson albums she loved as a kid to celebrate La Wilson's 80th birthday. Rolling it back to Wilson's dates with Cannonball Adderley and George Shearing, her first album of standards is as classy as it is swinging. Putting her formidable vocal chops all the way to the metal, everybody is honored by the festivities on display here. A smoking treat for all classic jazz vocal fans.

OTIS/Eyes of the Sun: If it wasn't for the jam band ethos, the sound of Macon might have become just another trend lost in the fashion bin of time, but this set echoes the Allman's, Marshall Tucker and Cowboy without a drop of manqueing around. Adding roots and other modern moves to the classic mix, this is a road warrior gateway about to swing wide open. Cock your ears in this direction to hear the blues rock roots etc sound the rolling down the pike to tomorrow right now. Hot.

EDDIE DANIELS & ROGER KELLAWAY/Just Friends Live at the Village Vanguard: Recorded in 1988, this is a pretty recent entry in the label's storehouse of classic, unreleased dates. With Buster Williams and Al Foster rounding things out, these two killer cats step up with a mostly original set that never leaves you looking at your watch to see if it should end soon. Playing for the joy of it in off the clock fashion, this is one of those great moments where you should have been there---and now can. Solid jazzbo listening throughout.

ANDINA-The Sound of the Peruvian Andes/various: Strap yourself in for a world beat ride through some neighborhoods you probably never thought about, the Peruvian Andes. There's more than a homogenous ethnic scene percolating there, and it's been percolating for a long time. With a heavy accent on party and good time music, the fun rolls along with charm and zest alternating in equal parts. The beginning of a three part series, this doesn't cover the water front on one disc but it certainly whets the appetite to see what else is out there, in leisurely fashion. Jump on to this rolling good time right from the start.

Volume 40/Number 312
September 9, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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