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BARAKA MOON/Wind Horse: This isn't world beat, it's other worldly beat. Well, there's a lot of world beat to it, much from none of the usual precincts, but it's mixed with some other stuff that takes it to the next level of the game making this a wild and wooly mash up of things you've only heard in dreams. Left leaning stuff for the armchair traveler ready to take it to other extremes, this is the stuff that'll get you there. Wild, but always on point and well done.

BRIAN HUDSON/Next Level: I don't know if this is fusion the way you like it but it certainly is fusion the way I like it. Hot, heavy and tasty throughout, the Atlanta drummer lines up like minded pals that have labored in the background, honing their chops in bright lights behind top names and are itching for the chance to kick it out on their own with their own. Almost a mash up of fusion and big band, the oleo is mighty tasty and sure to make your ears sit up and listen. Well done stuff that doesn't let you down.

ARTHUR ADAMS/Look What the Blues Has Done for Me: In a world full of white boys with the blues, it's nice to hear a real blues cat that's been kicking it out for the last 40 years, show band style, serving up some deep south blues that has been nationalized for all audiences. Real stuff from the true vine, this set also includes a bonus disc of highlights from his last 40 years, many of which have never been on cd before. A real cat with real moves, this is sure to delight blues fans that want a taste of how it was before the white boys all took over. Hot stuff.

BLACK SEEDS/Fabric: Festival faves as well as soundtrack aces, this skanking bunch is back with a new party on a platter after a five year hiatus. Totally busy with other outside projects, they haven't lost a beat in the meanwhile and know how to keep white people keeping it irie. A tasty set loaded with sun splashed swagger, reggae fans know this is the sound of the real deal.

FER ISELLA/Art of the Possible: One of those background MVP cats that you might not have heard of steps out to his own rhythm with a solo piano set that takes this far from the maddening crowd giving him the chance to lay back and tell his instrumental stories in his own good time and way. Almost a meditative set that let's your mind wander like a river flowing, this is how to get a sonic getaway without landing in new age territory. The kind of date you have to be ready to enjoy to enjoy it, if this doesn't take you away from the daily maelstrom, it's time for you to reach for something a lot stringer----in pill form. Tasty stuff from a massive pro.

RICHARD X BENNETT/Experiments With Truth: Launching his stateside debut with two new releases, Bennett covers the waterfront of his interests by dividing things up so not as to confuse the listener too much. This set is like an updated version of old school world beat where the Canadian transplant fuses his Mumbai interests with his jazzbo roots for a wildly progressive date that should tickle modern ears quite heavily. Not at all a moldy fig release, he's charting the future as mightily as Miles Davis did in the 70s---just without the rampant elephant funk running through it. Crazy stuff? Only nominally as it's not precious for the sake of preciousness. The keyboard ace leaves room for everyone to get some and a wild time is had by all. Check it out.

RICHARD X BENNETT/What is Now: Stripping things back down to his basic trio, the piano ace shows he can sit down and lead a traditional jazz piano trio with aplomb and special sauce just as easily as he can be a hell raiser. With the low key fire of a smoking little after hours date,
Bennett and company deliver the goods that you need after too long a week. Solid stuff throughout, he's fully ready to make his move on the states and show his stuff in fine form. Well done.

JIMMY CARPENTER/Plays the Blues: The white boy with the blues sax ace with 35 years at it under his belt makes the kind of record he should make--no frills, all high octane and right from the soul. Mixing a smart bag of covers with originals, the sax is firing on cylinders and the rest of the crew knows how to bring the heat. Showing the lessons learned while playing everywhere with everybody, Carpenter really nails it (ha ha). A real cooker that's constructed to be enjoyed fully.

ILANA KATZ KATZ/Subway Stories: The most interesting music always comes from anomaly and this Boston white girl with the fiddling blues really nails a choogling Texas vibe that'll have you guessing as you sit tight trying to figure it all out. On top of it all, she's sharing the proceeds of her recordings with a foundation to provide tombstones to dead blues men that never got one. Having enough on the ball to pull blues stars to her side, this set that sounds like it was produced by the devil for one of his kin is sure to rock your world as you search for something authentic in today's synthetic world. Killer stuff that just plain mesmerizes throughout.

BORN IN CHINA: The finest contemporary purveyor of nature documentaries for kids of all ages turns their camera to the wonders of animals in China and behold, they work their wonders yet again. Honing in on pandas, monkeys and leopards, how can anyone not be captivated by these animal stories about some of the most beloved animals? As absolutely perfect as you'd want it to be if you made it your self, this is one of those unexpected avenues that let the good times roll. Check out this fun for the whole family, no matter what size the family is.

Volume 40/Number 311
September 8, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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