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DOUBLE NAUGHT SPY CAR & Friends/Moof: The crème of the pomo underground kicks it out instrumentally here with loads of daring do, and like minded pals, as they dare you to categorize them. Not the kind of date where the wheels roll off the tracks, this date is firmly rooted in chops delivered as far left of center as possible. Never losing it's underground vibe, Jethro Bodine's fave band has got great sounds for an after hours party around the ce-ment pond. Wonderfully wild throughout.

COLT.22/Freedom-Freewill: LA's indie scene ventures fourth a new mega mash up date that you think is country or blues rooted but it's a set with it's eye and ear on the future. This is what you should/can expect to be coming from LA as it has the kind of fury and fire and that catch on and propel a scene. Hot and heavy with a sonic assault that comes at you from all directions, this is some pretty wild stuff that turns out to be a party where all are invited. Check it out.

GARY MEEK/Originals: One of fusion's leading sax men takes his first trip up to the plate in 15 years to kick it out with his top flight pals that make him the first call cat on their list. A stellar mix of fusion, post bop, daddio and good old jazz, Meek and pals tear the roof off the sucker in this busman's holiday tour de force that's one of the most driving, cooking dates you are going to come across. A hard core jazzbo that doesn't need mine, or any other, stamp of approval, this is your next stop for some real jazz that's make the hair on the back of your neck stand up as it's break neck speed dazzles with daring as opposed to baffling with bullshit. Killer stuff throughout from everyone on board, all getting the unbridled chance to play their hearts out.

SATOKO FUJII WADADA LEO SMITH NATUSUKI TAMURA IKUE MORI/Aspiration: When hell raisers get together, hell will be raised. Recording for Fujii's own label with nobody telling them what to do, they take it to the limit giving group interplay new meaning. Careeningly left of center, this isn't jazz for a Sunday afternoon by any stretch.

JOSH NELSON/Sky Remains: Oh, sure, everyone sings about LA but how many times have you heard people play about LA? Especially with a stellar crew standing behind them at all levels? An impressionistic musical look at facets of LA, it's a much gentler outing that you might guess would be lurking here. Put together by a local native that really loves his environment, this will open your ears to a jazzy, LA you probably never considered. Well done.

STONEY SPRING/Natural Sweetness of Cream: I can remember playing records I thought were great for girls that wound up telling never to call them again. Many of those records have gone on to be recognized as classics---but this is what happens to people that were flying under Lester Bangs penumbra back then. This freek folk set shows the sound is alive and well, and here it's propelled by some who have flown high in the underground so don't dismiss this as noodling. Will this be a classic years from now? Who knows, but if you use it now to clear out a room, you'll know who your real friends are by who stays behind. Best listened to with dark shades on and something your bloodstream.

Volume 40/Number 301
August 29, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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