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07/15/17 recovered

ALTERED FIVE BLUES BAND/Charmed & Dangerous: Mostly modern white boys with the blues that know about Clarksdale as well reunite with Tom Hambridge for a rousing date that's old and new at the same time. A real party of a record that captures their live chops and transfers them to byte handily, this is right there in the ranks of all the modern sessions that ring the bell. Hot stuff that doesn't let you down.

KATIE THIROUX/Off Beat: Since this is Thiroux's second album, there's still plenty of time for you to get on the train and say you were a fan way back when. An incredible jazz bass player and an incredible singer, her taste, chops, timing and entire musical package are second to none. With an interesting, diverse set card that she makes all her own, Thiroux offers more to save the future of music than the promise of streaming. Killer stuff with all the right moves in all the right places. Well done.

CAROLYN FITZHUGH/Simply Amazing: A club singer with a modern edge but with an ear cocked toward tradition serves up an art edged jazz vocal date that harkens to civil rights jazz as much as it does to clubs. With a mostly original set that delivers the goods over good intentions, Fitzhugh has that something extra that inspires you to keep an ear cocked in her direction. If only those music competition show contestants would stop caterwauling for a second and hear how a pro like Fitzhugh can wail from the heart and soul----it would be a better world. Check it out.

SATOKO FUJII-NATSUKI TAMURA/Kisaragi: Japan's one woman jazz factory unleashes her latest under one of her many skins with this piano/trumpet duo of 5 records standing. This time out she changes it up. All the sounds on this improv date are abstract sounds which prompted the local tyke to ask why I was playing a record of whoopee cushion sounds. Hell, it's my job.

JOHN A. CAROLLO/Tranfiguration of Giovanni Baudino: A very deeply composed contemporary classical session, this studiously avoids any echoes of pots and pans music giving you a highly and tightly structured promenade away from happenstance. A set of first class sitting down, listening music, this material finds it's drama in the open white spaces that could have been filled with sturm and drang just for effect. Egghead music all the way, eggheads will be delighted with this well conceived find.

MESTROVIC DEDIC TOKER/Vivaldi-4 Seasons for 3 Pianos: Just because something has a title that sounds like a gimmick doesn't mean the music sounds like a gimmick. This is wild. It's probably just me, but this sounds/feels like the first time I've ever heard an august classic work played like circus music. I can't predict how the moldy figs will feel about this but us young snots looking for a kick think it's a gasser. What an utterly clever way to being newbie classical tourists into the tent.

RANKY TANKY: This is one of those records that whitey will be charmed by without realizing where it came from. South Carolina, the home of the start of the Civil War and slavery was also the home of showing the indomitable spirit of the black man no matter the adversity. These songs are from the tradition and worship that helped the slaves endure and were also the launch pad of many things that have become part and parcel of popular culture. These exponents of Gullah traditions and culture are so authentic they make the Carolina Chocolate Drops seem like poseurs. This is soul music from the deepest part of the soul. Killer stuff.

DOUG BIELMEIER/Betty& the Sensory World: A new age record that really isn't, this piece of experimental electronic music, also the cat's debut solo recording, is an amplification of his drone work that's meant to shake you out of your shell of complacency. Not nearly as subterranean and sinister sounding as a lot of other drone inspired work, this is almost the bookend that's about as far away from "Metal Machine Music' as you can get.

NOOKY JONES: A black Mormon (with a man bun) from suburban Minneapolis? No wonder he found old school soul lurking in his soul when he came of age and had to decide which tine he was going to follow at the fork in the road. Mormon's loss is our gain. Heating it up in the frozen north with some like minded pals he gathered along the way, it's time to have a Coke (with some Courvoisier) and a smile and enjoy this nu soul date that leads the way to blue lights in the basement. Smoky, smoking stuff that works throughout.

Volume 40/Number 256
July 15, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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