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MARTIN GOYETTE/Big Beets: Born too late to be an acolyte of Muddy Waters and his gang, don't hold that against this growling, harmonica blues cat that was setting the world on fire as a youngster loaded with nothing but inspiration from the Chess crew. Maybe being from Canada gives him a feel for northern migration because this really sounds like sounds from the Aristocrat lounge from before Muddy plugged in. It might not be recidivist sounding but it sure is the bluuuuuze! Grandly wild stuff throughout.

GREG SOVER/Songs of a Renegade: Don't judge a record by it's cover all the time. Sover looks like he found some Michael Jackson duds at a thrift store in the cover shot but he's not doing a mod ghetto MJ rave up. He's a cat with soul but it's of the AOR variety and he is a guitar slinging hard rocker that finds anthems the most natural thing in the world. A dandy ear opener that's a genre bag breaker as well.

DELTA WIRES/Born in Oakland: They love Chicago and the south, but you know this crew is from the bay area by the distinct sound of Tower of Power vibes lurking in the background of this harmonica and horn driven white blues band. A real party crew that has earned their local treasure status over years of showing up and delivering, this funky, fun set gets the party started---and that's the only statement it wants to make. A rollicking good time no matter where you hear it.

CHARLEY PRIDE/Music in My Heart: 50 years in and recording with nothing to prove, the ground breaking, country legend/superstar‘s first all new recording in 6 years is a solidly traditional country record that shows just how timeless Nashville can make it when it's not chasing any trend other than quality. Not dated, with no dust on it, this is how country first made it's bones and should continue to do so in the future as people will devour this is given half the chance. Killer stuff from a living legend who's still accruing honors.

DIEALPSI/Our City: Rocking Florida faves come to grips with their various vibes and come back with their first full length set being a mash up of modern rock modes that come together in just the right fashion. Nu rock for nu ears bent on creating their own classic rock over time, bake some international moves with some Florida sun and viola. Wild stuff that's catchy as all hell. Check it out.

CATHERINE MARIE CHARLTON/I Dream About this World-the Wyeth Album: Christina's World certainly affects different people in different ways. John Stewart was inspired to become the grand father of Americana. Charlton is inspired to become a new ager taking the path least chosen. With the help of a Grammy winning rock producer, Charlton let's her mind and spirit wander with the help of other first call new age pros to find inspiration in both of the Wyeth's pastorale Americana. And Wyeth thought things were too hustle bustle over 100years ago---imagine how important his works would be to him now. Charlton and her piano respect their past with an ear toward our future trying to make sense out of it all. Not just for new age fans at all.

JON DAVIS/Happy Juice: A driving piano trio date that finds Davis putting originals next to his 60s piano inspirations compositions. Straight ahead and solidly swinging, this is a solid set from a cat at the top of his game having a good time and wanting to spread one to all. Killer stuff that you don't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy. Well done throughout.

DREADNAUGHT/Hard Chargin': Go figure. Parma Records is a high tone production house/label that can do some pretty august works and work with some pretty heavy cats. Their last mailing had a note that the records might be a touch out of my wheelhouse. So then what happens? We get this wild, modern mash up by the owner of the company that shows just how he likes to let loose and have a good time. Even the clip art cover is modern. With the sure hands of real pros delivering the wild goods, this thing almost bitch slaps you with the impact of the first, white Fleetwood Mac album that just left you with the ability to barely say "Huh?". If you want a right on ‘rock' good time, this is the next stop. Killer stuff.

INDUBIOUS/From Zero: Reggae from Oregon by a pair of brothers born with Cystic Fibrosis that weren't given any chance of living this long? The back story alone should be enough to grab your attention. Oh yeah, then there's their powerful take on nu reggae. A modern album that has a positive message and blows any preconceived notions you may have about anything all to hell, get your skanking ragamuffin on and realize the nu sun is bringing a nu day to the sound of I & I. A real boundary pusher that's done with a sure and true hand.

BRUCE JACKSON/Just Left of Center: It might have been a decade since his last record but the time wasn't wasted. One of those drummers that knows how to lead and gives everyone else some, this highly creative cat shows he has his daddio head on straight and delivers the goods in a driving, rousing, swinging good time. Everyone's oars are in the water pulling in the same direction yielding a super sweet set that earns it sunglasses at night sound with high marks. Well done throughout.

Volume 40/Number 235
June 24, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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