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PARKER WILLINGHAM/You Get Me Every Time: The kind of cat that Music Row used to have to manufacture, this singing Florida beach redneck has the looks and sound that sets young hearts aflutter. With a pleasing, horseh*t and honey demeanor, you have to come up with this stuff on your own these days since the establishment expects you to show up fully formed more than ever before. Credible commercial country that avoids sippy cup and 70s rock clichés, heart wins out every time. Check it out.

BROWNOUT/Over the Covers: Those clever mash up masqueraders served up an ep that gives them a break from Black Sab covers and their day job giving them the chance to mash it all up in a wild and wooly romp. Crazy stuff for crazy times, at least it has much less jive quotient than lounge covers of grunge hallmarks. Check it out.

WILLA/Better Days: An extended member of the Levon Helm bunch, Willa serves up a debut full of the rollicking kind of blues that gets filtered through Hudson Valley water with it's unmistakable Bearsville etc vibe. It's two generations later, but the local crew on board here sounds like the local crew that was on board for Bonnie Raitt's "Give It Up" with a vibe that's very much in the same pocket. A right on set for people that like it when hippies took it to church, sometimes it hits you hard the after hours is a defined time. Well done.

CAMERON MITCHELL/Maspeth: An itinerant Americana/folk rocker since before he even knew that's what he was, this nu cat takes a full scale look at modern life with the glass both half empty and half full depending on how you look at it at various times. A fully formed set from a cat that can play loads of instruments, young seekers will enjoy the words of someone from their own peer group that's been there and done that. Check it out.

GERALD CANNON/Combinations: If you were making your first record in 14 years, wouldn't you want to stack the deck with a load of first call, contemporary jazzbos that were tuned up to blow their hearts out? Powered by nothing but heart and muscle, the bass ace serves up a straight ahead, post bop date that shows it's teeth and shows it means business. Sounding like stuff coming up the stairs from some ultra cool back in the day club, this'll put the gleam back in the jaded jazzbo eye. Hot stuff throughout.

WORKAHOLICS-The Final Season: Hard to believe it's been 7 seasons and sad to say here's another example of how all good things must end. The super slackers of the 10s showed us how slacking and stoning are timeless (and attract high profile guest stars), take that final toke and send us off into that good night. At least it'll live forever on disc. Laugh it up, when the haze parts, this trio shows you how it's done.

ROWAN & MARTIN'S LAUGH IN Complete First Season: The corner where Hollywood met the counter culture is a laugh riot. In the end, the hippies lost, the establishment won and that's how the show ran out of gas after 6 seasons. A pre-SNL run of things you couldn't believe you saw on TV, this collection means you can now spend 14 hours less dealing with Decades and your dvr. Short attention span humor, the debut of Tiny Tim, more celebs lining up to laugh at themselves than they did for Soupy Sales; you can still feel the effect of acid on The Man watching the timeless action whizzing by here. Killer stuff that stands up better than most things 50 years old.
By the way, did you know this is just the tip of the ice berg? The complete series has also been released for those of you who don't differentiate favorites and have the fat cat kind of dough to plunk down for it all at once. Admit it, you rather spend for this laugh riot than plunk down much more to see Hamilton, pay for parking, pay for dinner, battle crowds after the show to get out of the parking lot and much more---all of which are not laugh riots. And young Goldie Hawn won't be there in a bikini directing traffic either. Here come the judge----even if youngsters won't know what that means since we're living in the age of not being judgy. All told, there's a dammed good reason why this was named one of the 50 greatest shows of all time.

Volume 40/Number 228
June 17, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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