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TG SWAMPBUSTERS/Swamp Rock Country Blues: A well loved northern swamp blues rock trio that could easily and comfortably open for Tony Joe White, this is a solid good time crew that loves the fact this is their real job and they come ready to play. Solid, simple and with a real sense of soul, this set is loaded with the kind of sock you want to hear when the beer is flowing freely and the good times are rolling. A sure bet to unfreeze the frozen north at it's coldest. Well done.

CHROME/Techromancy: In the post punk era, Chrome was one of the first great electro bands to embrace the Freddie & Jason go to hell vibe. A long way from when they were angry young men, apparently the surge of electricity keeps you young because they sound as relevant today as they did then, and that's with a dead leader and a lot of miles under their belts. Angry in the present, not in the past, pissed off kids on the cutting edge will love them today as much as their dads did a generation back. Wild stuff for the untamed side of domesticated kids that want it over the top but still in line with suburban sensibilities.

JENNY & THE MEXICATS/Open Sea: It's so cool when a young band you thought had it all together comes back with an ‘oh, yeah, well listen to this' set. Fans of album length listening, they pulled it together to make an album that's good for more than a solid song or two, all of it wrapped in an engaging, subtle mash up that spans categories you can't count or even imagine colliding with each other. Seemingly an ethnic record, don't be fooled. A wide ranging, contemporary set that touches all the bases as it cashes in on it's home run, this cross cultural, cross generational set is a winner throughout. Real music for real muso ears.

PAUL TYNAN & AARON LINGTON BICOASTAL COLLECTIVE/Chapter Five: Those hyper creative Lab Band alums change it up for a fifth time on their fifth album not only showing that you can't hit a moving target but that they love and understand big band. Respecting tradition but having a sound and vision all their own, this windy front line pair know well how to make that sweeping sound that keeps big band appeal in timeless mode, even when moving forward like it does here. Proving once again they are first class leaders and players, this high water mark session hits all the right notes giving them a resonance that echoes well. A most welcome, killer date throughout.

BLIND LEMON PLEDGE/Backwoods Glance: Rounding up some organic Bay area pals, Pledge steps away from the blues he knows and loves so well to show that he has a back porch side that shines just as brightly. Embracing a wide range of folk modes from good times to protest, Pledge even sounds something like Jesse Winchester when mooning over Memphis in a song about Memphis. A four on the floor delight, this is an organic/folk set that could easily set new standards. Killer stuff throughout.

BOBBY KIMBALL/We're Not in Kansas Anymore: Summers coming and that means geezers are going to whip out their gold cads to get the best seats at victory lap tours by the bands of their youth. Kimball, the original singer of Toto comes up with a title that's sure to confuse addled investment bankers that don't want to hear the new songs anyway. Recorded old school, with some high cred jazzbos doing real playing on real instruments, Kimball doesn't disappoint anyone that wants that original Toto vibe while keeping himself interested and not repeating himself. Way too in the70s pocket to be a gift shop record, a set like this should keep the merch table hopping as the tour rolls on.

RICK MONROE/Gypsy Soul: Here's the latest and the greatest from a hard working cat that's already earned your respect, even if you don't know it yet. A right in the pocket country rocker/Americana cat with the looks, the sound and the pen to put him right where he should be, he's made all the right and right on career moves to move him to the ranks of being a first class commercial cat that has enough organic moves to make him friends on both sides of the fence. With miles behind him and miles to go, Monroe is the face of tomorrow's country. Well done.

INSIDE AMY SCHUMER Season 4: The greatest comedy attack dog contemporary times has to offer, the Schum is back with stream roller bombast skewering convention and barbequing sacred cows. Released in time to catch the back draft from her new movie, if her mass appeal side leaves you wanting something over the top, this is where she lays her burden down. Another season of laugh riots for people that are still thinking and feeling and often feeling unsatisfied. By all means, own a piece of the fun.

Volume 40/Number 179
April 29, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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