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ENGINEERS/Three Fact Fader: One of those little engine that could kind of records as it was begun before their label went into a period of upheaval and finished after a ground swell of fan support and demand. Call it chillerooni if you donít want to call it down tempo, shoe gaze, ambient or whatever, this is dreamy wall of sound melt into the woodwork music that is the perfect compliment to the end of any good rave. Guzzle some water, grind your teeth and let the spirit and the sound take you away.

ZUILL BAILEY & SIMONE DINNERSTEIN/Beethoven Complete Works for Piano and Cello: Dinnerstein has been coming on strong since hitting her 30s and realizing she was going to be doomed to being a housewife unless she turned up the concert world heat. Joined here by a master cello player, they take on Beethovenís complete works for this type of duo over the course of two discs that never fail to please and excite. One of those examples of how just a little can sound like a lot, Beethoven is almost so mainstream that this doesnít have to be for classical fans only. A delightful look at a sort of neglected side of the composer that is really brought to life and given full justice.

BEBEL GILBERTO/All in One: This album is the real follow up to her auspicious debut as these production crews follow in the footsteps of that setís late producer bringing their own bossa nova visions to the fore. Even though she is a scion of bossa nova royalty, Suba produced her debut like he was a member of the court. Even though he recognized that things had changed in jet set sounds in the 2.5 generations that had passed since her pop helped kick off the form, he managed to keep one foot in the future and one foot in the past for a set that set the standard. Now back with her fourth set and the maturity that comes with it, Gilberto and her clutch of pros fashion a new fashion that is not your older brotherís boss nova either while still retaining the core elements that should never be messed with in any updating effort. A luscious, sumptuous set sung mostly in Portuguese, by all means this is adult pop thatís not for yuppie brunches only. Sexy, sassy and low key with all the fire you need to keep things really hot. Well done.

CELEBRATING PEANUTS--60 Years: About time ďPeanutsĒ got itís own coffee table book what with all the other stalwarts of the stable having their own giant size tomes. Fantagraphics is doing a fine series of the complete ďPeanutsĒ, but this coffee table tome has direct remembrances of Charlie Schulz himself and well over 2,000 choice strips. A lovely, lavish look back at 50 years of trend setting work that was a radical to itís times as Marilyn Monroe was, any one that ever felt any affection for Snoopy will feel a need to have him smiling on top of their coffee table. If youíre a yuppie of a certain age, this is a critical part of your back pages and these are a bunch of back pages well worth turning one more time.

Volume 33/Number 17
November 17, 2009
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
©2009 Midwest Record

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