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APE RECORDS V. 1/various: Globalization continues to rage on in ways you hadn't considered yet. The leader of Balkan Beat Box is kicking it out alt.progressive.contempo in Tel Aviv delivering cuts that aren't your older brother's alt. A sampling of wild stuff from several of the label's crews, this is international wildness that college kids will have fun with as they ditch their real, international studies classes.

BURNT OUT WRECK/Swallow: Former 80s hard rockers Heavy Pettin reconstitute and show the time they spent rubbing elbows with the crème of the hard rock 80s genre wasn't time wasted. Super hard hitting, hard rock, crunchy guitar rock with all the pyrotechnics in tact, these geezers are not going gentle into that good night as long as there's hell still to be raised. A fast ball down the middle for hard rock fans of all ages.

PETER CAMPBELL/Loving You: You wouldn't expect a male vocalist to do a singing tribute to Shirley Horn and that's what makes change ups so much fun. Letting others provide the music, Campbell provides the vocals and does it in a most soulful, on target way. Horn was an original and Campbell captures her phrasing and vibe so well that you wish they would have been able to do duets. Certainly a very special treat for all of Horn's fans.

OMEGA/Anthology 1968-1979: My dusty memories of Omega find them closer to Hawkwind than Brinsley Schwarz who they feel like on the opening track. Ultimately making their bones in prog, this set takes you through their first golden era that found them selling over 50 million records and ultimately getting sampled by Kanye West. Late in the game, they're coming back for more and you can bet they are going to let their prog flag fly. Pop, space and psych all come together in the double discer here with a little something for everyone with a taste for some well revisited history.

JARED SIMS/Change of Address: Heading back to West Virginia to head the university's jazz department, the students there are in for a real treat as they try to keep up with this sax man that respects tradition while having a ear cocked toward the future. A snappy, modern soul jazz date, this is what the cool, contemporary daddio will be wearing in his ear buds this season. Fearless and hard hitting, this punchy date has zip to spare and rolls it out generously. Well done.

GODBOOGIE/Play Music & Dance: A bunch of rock vets from Canada band together to play for the fun and love it with nothing to prove and the proof is in the musical pudding. Lettting the good times roll (even showing the connection between Shirley Temple and Bo Diddley), this is the result when the aim is to show a good time being had by all. A lite version of frat rock, this is the place to party like no one is watching. Well done.

Volume 40/Number 162
April 12, 2017
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

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