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KATHY GRIFFIN/Official Book Club Selection: This autobiog makes you think that Griffin really is Sally Weaver. The new mouth that roared, Griffin waxes the floor with anyone that ever crossed her and talks about the dysfunction behind the wine box body blocks she gives her mother much to the love of her loyal gays. Creating a sub industry for herself within a sub industry, she must have known what she wanted all along and didnít expect the roadblocks to be as formidable to getting them along the way. But here she is with her razor tongue intact administering at least 40 lashes to all she deems deserving.

SUSIE ESSMAN/What Would Susie Say: Years and years ago, Essman was a mainstay on Comedy Channel and she was funny, but she never seemed to come to your town. Happily ensconced for years on ďCurb Your EnthusiasmĒ, Essman hasnít had to hit the road to make a comfortable living and she still is funny as hell, without the limitations of basic cable holding her back. Certainly a chick book for those ladies reaching a certain age more than it is a general interest laugh fest, Essman tones it down, not quite to basic cable limitations, and lets the girl friend humor fly, even if it is part biography. The zeitgeist is captured well and in Essmanís own voice, the material is unmistakably personal.

LISA LAMPANELLI/Chocolate, Please: Pretty much a straight up autobiog of contemporary comedyís queen of mean, Lampanelli has come a long way from that early career DVD that made you wonder what the hell was going on. Loaded with enough asides and comedy to keep her comedy fans interested, this is the tale of a rough upbringing and a lot of sidetracks that were slippery until traction could be gained. In Hollywood lingo, itíll make you laugh, itíll make you cry, itíll take you on one helluva roller coater ride. A well constructed personality project, thereís some meat here for fat girls everywhere.

GEORGE CARLIN/Last Words: Carlin was at the forefront of a lot of sea changes. One of the most salient of these micro purposes is that he was there as Grammys for best comedy album shifted away from record companies to book company audio divisions and probably won one of the first that flowed in that direction. He we uncover the man himself. An autobio that was 15 years in the making and could only be finished after he was finished, with life, this isnít just a celebrity beach hearing. This is real life from bad start to satisfying conclusion. Thereís lot of personal stuff and bits along the way and anyone that ever fell under his spell will be particularly smitten by these, last words. A solid bio of any stripe, this is what a celebrity bio really should come down to. Check it out, them go back and grab his cds.

SCOTT ADAMS/14 Years of Loyal Service in a Fabric Covered Box: Time for Dilbert to look back at another year of morons. Much like the office version of Bugs Bunny, he continually gets a rifle pointed up his butt and told to come out or elsen heíll get his brains blowed out, except Dilís tormenters are co-workers, superiors, vendors and Elbonians as well as some limited dating prospects. This tome opens with Dogbert the CEO raping the company and weíre off to the races from there---and this was even before the Madoff story broke. As sure as Dorothy Parker said ďHell is other peopleĒ, Dil lives the life once again and we find it all funny because itís true. Probably the best self help book any commuter can read on the ride to work.

Volume 33/Number 15
November 15, 2009
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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