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BISCUIT MILLER/Wishbone: Here's a blues cat that's been at it for over 30 years laboring in the Chicago vineyards after the original wave of Chicago blues men came and went probably being a reason why you aren't as familiar as you should be with this cat who's written with Jim Peterik, played at both Bill Clinton inaugurals, worked with both Lonnie Brooks and Son Seals and has a few awards resting on his mantle. Delivering a first class take on show room blues, Chicago style, Miller is real party people throughout. An unabashed blues entertainer, Miller has the cross appeal to satisfy both moldy figs as well as young bloods as the night gets boogied away. First class/first call throughout.

MODUS FACTOR/Picasso Zone: Pretty much purely improv, this electro groove trio must have taken courses in mind reading to have the results come together so well. A contemporary, forwarding thinking party on a platter, the sounds are as much the star of the show as the playing. Loaded with chops to spare, there's plenty of action here that'll make you think this is what Miles would have been up to if he hadn't started playing it safe near the end. A certified wild ride.

RUDY ROYSTON TRIO/Rise of Orion: If you pare down to a trio with one of your cats being the sax man from the Hot Cup crew, you are probably preparing to make a left leaning date that's a hard core sonic excursion to the center of the world. Hard playing from all involved, this is at once a throw back to free jazz and a look into the far future. Progressive jazzbos have a handy date here to have around. Check it out but strap yourself in first.

J FRENCH/Jaguar Jesus: With an award winning reggae man and Kanye West running through his blood lines, French decided he didn't need any help from Motown to get his word out. A righteous rapper coming at you from Oklahoma, he takes it back to the day when it really was all about the rhymes and not the Rolexes. He's got a lot to say and this hard hitting set shows he's gonna stick around to say it in fine style. Keeping it real and making sense at all the stops along the way, it's time today's kids get schooled in what old school originally wrought. Well done.

ANDREA CLABURN/ Nightshade: Any jazzbo on the prowl for a new, swinging thrush that starts out at high octane and goes from there need look no further. Relying on a set of mostly originals with some fine California jazzbos helping her deliver this impressive debut, this is a rising diva with something new to say. Snazzy stuff that's sure to tickle your ears as well as your fancy. Well done.

SHEELA BRINGI/Shakti Sutra: Here's a girl that understands how to make girl friend music. This multi culti, multi instrumentalist brings her harp to the fore and makes exotic music that doesn't sound like opium den music. Surprise your gal with this and some incense and candles and she's sure to lavish some surprises on you. A wonderful sonic trip to other places, this will do more for setting the mood you want than old Jackie Gleason instrumental records. Smart stuff throughout.

ART HIRAHARA/Central Line: Here's a piano man bold enough to make a modern, mainstream date and doing it while surrounding himself with hell raisers like Donny McCaslin, Rudy Royston and Linda Oh. Swinging easy but to the left, you won't mistake this for cocktail jazz but Hirahara could do a killer job on that form if he every chose to take the easy way out. Piano fans take note, this is a date not to be missed. Hot stuff.

BRAVO MAX/Bullfighter Blues: Moving away from the Americana sound of their debut, this Dallas based bunch moves into nu psych rock gumbo that sounds like they dropped a few buttons in the west Texas deserts while on a vision quest and came out the other side with some new ideas. Fashioning such a total mash up that you can never really put your finger on what you're hearing from one minute to the next, this turns into a real headphone party for your head. Wild stuff for those ready to rock outside the lines.

BASEK YAVUZ/Little Red Bug: Don't write this eclectic lass off as an art chick without giving her a good listen because she's coming at you from Turkey and decided to chase the musical dream after giving the heave ho to a career in architecture. Known for rubbing elbows with real jazzbos, she might trick you into thinking she's a wannabe 60s schmatta queen but she's really all about exploring creativity and digging deep into finding meat and meaning. Wild stuff primed for those ready to take a wild ride that seems like it's starting point is Grace Slick but it ends up in anybody's guess. Check it out.

BENINGHOVE'S HANGMEN/Zohove: This ever intriguing pomo bunch of New York jazzbos always have you looking forward to their next release simply because you never know what it is they are going to serve up. This time around, it's modern/pomo takes on Led Zep and this certainly isn't your father's gift shop record. Capturing the sound and fury the former folkies brought to heavy metal, you won't mistake them for a bunch of mild manner jazzbos when these boys cut loose and bring the noise. Almost like a revisionist trip through the gates of hell, real Zep fans will not come away from this feeling like the holy ground has been unsanctified. A complete wild ride.

Volume 40/Number 29
November 29, 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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