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DARDEN PURCELL/Where the Blue Begins: A classic thrush with two degrees of separation from Doc Severinsen, Purcell swings around a classic lyric with ease and style. With some great B3 work powering the background, this is a nice new look at a boatload of classics, most of which haven't been beaten to death by the recent class of jazz divas. A solid treat throughout for jazz vocal fans.

ADAM KARCH/Moving Forward: He's Canadian but he's got the roots singer/songwriter thing down cold. Loaded with the confessional vibe that drips autobiography and illuminates the roads he's been down, this is right up the alley of those looking for someone to voice the thoughts they've been harboring. Simple and straight forward, Karch cuts to the chase underscoring why he's so well received where ever he goes. Check it out.

BOBBY PREVITE/Mass: One of New York's long time favorite son drummers takes it to the next level of the game here as he takes 15th century religious music and adds the metal and strum and drang that was never contemplated. Certain to be sacrilege in some circles, this is a case of artists moving things forward in service of their muse.

ERALDO BERNOCCHI-PRAKASH SONTAKKE/Invisible Strings: Aha, the space guitar album ECM never contemplated for their repertoire because Eicher was never into space travel--certainly on a rocket fueled by a film noir vibe. A guitar duo for futuristic listeners, this is what you get when a punk guitarist tries heading out to the back porch without wanting to get too organic.

MURALI CORYELL/Mr. Senator: The guitar playing apple didn't fall far from the guitar playing tree but using his upbringing spent around boundary pushers has propelled him to craft his own vibe---and not for the sake of rebellion or distancing himself from his pop. A tasty contemporary set with one foot in the past reflecting all the places he's been and influences he's soaked up, Coryell has his own take on what's mainstream these days and focuses his vision well. Certainly a nice lodestone for boundary pushers everywhere that don't want to go too far off the reservation.

ANNA WEBBER'S SIMPLE TRIO/Binary: And the avant garde leads the way as this jazzbo and her pals enlist the computer to turn things into sound and weave them into the result. Remember when everyone thought sampling was the work of the Antichrist? Things change. Sunday afternoon eggheads will find this a warm and fuzzy release as it's angularity knows no bounds and frequently takes off for parts unknown. College kids that wonder what the fuss was over those old Actuel records was will feel the light bulb go off over their heads here.

ERIC CLAPTON/Live in San Diego: You know, at this point denying Clapton another live stab at "Layla" would be like denying Townes Van Zandt another of his live stabs at "Poncho & Lefty". With undeniable chops that can't be disputed at this point in time, Clapton seems happiest when he gets to rock out as a journeyman and when in presence of his idols and inspirations. Nothing new here except guest J.J. Cale sounding more animated and happy than he ever has. The most important thing about this little surprise from the archives is that it sounds like a good time is had by all---even after all these years for all involved. Check it out and don't mistake it for a victory lap.

SMOKE WAGON BLUES BAND/Cigar Store: This rocking bunch is from Canada so you have to forgive them for making this bunch of white boys that have been at it for over 20 years a bunch of blues recognition and accolades. Not strictly blues rockers in the sense we would think so south of the border, this is a roosty bunch that genre blends like pros. Certainly a bunch well worth recognition, they are the kind of crew that lights up and heats up the night with a solid party vibe that just doesn't quit. Be sure to get yourself on this list.

SAUL RUBIN/Zeb's House: Welcome to the third record by one of those protean New York jazzbos that been everywhere with everyone that you probably never heard of unless you are a real liner note reading geek---something harder to be and do in the age of download and streaming. A master guitarist that's been plying his trade successfully for years, here we find him in a smoking, mainstream jazz date where him and his guests and employers are all cooking. A dandy jazzbo date for those that just want to kick back and let the music do the heavy lifting, if you've ever been to a jazz club even once, you'll be smitten by this set right from the git. Hot stuff.

DOC McSTUFFINS TOY HOSPITAL: If Shari Lewis were still around today, this is the kind of wonderful stuff she'd be doing for kids---complete with the multi culti message that doesn't get in your face. Skillfully crafted for kids to enjoy repeatedly, all the characters are engaging and not cloying as the spirit of co-operation and sharing runs rampant. A solid two hours to park your kids in front of without worry. Well done.

Volume 39/Number 354
October 22, 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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