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JASON VIEAUX-JULIEN LABRO/Infusion: If you haven't yet turned on to this great, new guitarist, I have to wonder what you're waiting for. Teaming with Labro for this second tango duo set, no one playing currently can recreate Argentine harbor drams better than these two. A wild, wily set that blows your ears open, this is high priority listening anytime you want to feel like a grown up. Utter dazzlement without relying on pyrotechnics, this duo has it all on the ball. Killer stuff.

WAYLON JENNINGS/Lost Nashville Sessions: Originally recorded for military recruitment shows, these pre-outlaw Waylon sides have been sonically spiffed up after sitting in the can for almost half a century so they could be presented as something contemporary but lost in action. Fresh off a number one hit that didn't reflect where he was headed, this was how it was. Even if it ain't outlaw, it's pure uncut Waylon and that's always a treat. Keep those excavation trucks moving if this is what we can find.

MITCH KASHMAR/West Coast Toast: Another of those sizzling white boys with the blues, Kashmar is a harmonica pro that has learned his lessons from the masters so well that his originals sound like goodies from the back pages of the old timers. With a vibe, sound and outlook that puts him squarely at the head of the class, whether blowing or singing, he never hits a false note. A great time you don't even have to be a charter member of Delta House to appreciate all night long. Hot stuff throughout.

GARY WEST/For the Love of Cash V. 2: It's a long story, but almost 30 years ago, there I was in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. In the middle of the middle of nowhere, there was an Egyptian themed supper club. Of all things, the entertainment that night was a Johnny Cash tribute. Wouldn't that be a gas if that guy was this guy? Recreating some Cash classics and mixing in some of his own that he hopes to attain that status, if we can't have Cash no more, this is a pretty dandy replacement----and not cheesy like most Elvis impersonators. No expense was spared here so if you're a fan of the man in black, you might find yourself enjoying this in spate of your self. This cat is on to something.

ORKESTA MENDOZA/Vamos A Guaracha: Punk cumbia from the Arizona border? Up for something new? It sounds Latin, it's sounds industrial and I'm not sure what else it sounds like besides tomorrow. If "Narcos" gets a third season renewal, the producers are nuts if they don't put this in the soundtrack even if it's not era appropriate. This is wild stuff for multi culti ears of tomorrow.

BRIAN LYNCH/Presents Madera Latino: The first thing that hits you about this double cd set is that there's something in the mastering that makes this sound and feel like something that was recorded in Cuba on old tube equipment adding a wild certain something to the mix. When you take a cat that knows his stuff, have him round up a bunch of cats glad to be called to be in the big band and turn them all loose on an Afro Caribbean tribute to Woody Shaw, the results are like nothing you've heard or expected to hear. Easily the kind of music that was made because it had to be made, this music is a whirlwind that can chase hurricanes away---especially those racking the territories right now. Hot stuff throughout.

JANE BUNNETT & MAQUEQUE/Oddara: And this is why the sax ace is a Juno winner and OOC and you're not. Several years back, something told Bunnett to take a flyer on doing a set with a bunch of jazzy Cuban gals. So she did it. And the results were stellar. It took a while, but everyone is back on board for round two and the results are equally as stellar, and then some. A modern take on a classic art form, you'll never be able to listen to Afro Cuban jazz the same way again as this set raises the bar and blows your ears wide open. Perhaps it's because this is powered by all feminine energy that the sound is new, it's muscular but in a different way than you've been conditioned to accept. Smoking stuff that often times feels like smooth jazz that you just can't put your finger on, this is a ride you're sure to enjoy. Well done.

EUGENE MARLOW'S HERITAGE ENSEMBLE/Obrigado Brasil!: Swinging Brazilian based works are on the original order of the day here. Solid work that highlights the musical trail from New York to the topics, the gang really tears it up here on a smoking set that gets any party started in fine style. With a real feel for the mode at hand, Marlow and the gang are in touch with their inner tropicalistas and make you believe. Well done.

DEUTER/Immortelle: The healing music man sounds rejuvenated by trying something new this time around. All the tracks are named after nature's healing herbs and it sounds he might have been taking some mega doses of them. Certainly not drifty massage music, these are fully realized compositions more in the neo classical vein. The multi instrumentalist really hits it out of the park with this one.

DOGTOWN BLUES BAND/Everyday: The magic in this second set by this crew of white boys with the blues is that it doesn't try to be something it's not. With a misspent youth in Chicago blues bars under his belt, Richard Lubovitch knows the moves but the most important move he adds to the mix is soul. He doesn't try to imitate or improve, he just plays what he saw and heard from the heart. Adding the kind of magic that let's a show band translate their energy successfully to record, this roof raising rump shaker of a set is just what the doctor ordered. Hot stuff throughout.

Volume 39/Number 336
October 4, 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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