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TONE 7/Tonality: These cats have been around long enough not to go fronting they are young bloods, bringing an R&B sensibility to nu soul fusing various modes of musicality into a stew top heavy in the kind of professionalism sorely lacking in a lot of todayís stuff. Geared toward hip hoppers that have survived and prospered, this is a new sub-genre that has the gusto to really take hold with smart sets like this leading the way.

IVAN FISCHER/Brahms Symphony #1 in C Minor-Variations on a Theme by Haydn: Itís not like Art Tatum was the first musician to hone his chops in a whore house, even some classical cats did it as well. Both Brahms and his pop hit the red light district for pocket change and thatís where he dug his attachment to gypsy music as well. Fischer is a great conductor and his charges in the Budapest Festival Orchestra match him world class set for world class step. This is a wonderful album that Fischer plays from the heart like he is one with Brahms, delivering an excellent performance throughout. A deep musical snapshot into the soul, thereís more to this composer than lullabies and that depth is magnificently on display here. Check it out.

MURRAY MacLACHLAN/John R. Williamson-Music for Piano v. 2 (24144); v. 3 (24145): The series continues for two more volumes as this classical piano tag team continue to be the DeNIro/Scorsese match up of classical music. MacLachlan is making it his mission to bring the delightful and often intricate piano works of Williamson to the masses. V. 2 even has a turn where the composer is playing his own works. Engaging works that charm easily and are presented n such a way that the real classical piano fan will want to spread the word.

PETER WARLOCK/Collected 78 rpm Recordings: Perhaps the Daniel Johnston of the English classical world of a century ago, this uber talented arranger was also uber off center resolving in him killing himself eventually. Along the way, he left a fine set of recordings in his wake. This various artists collection dusts off the original 78 records and show just what was hiding the grooves back them. You donít have to be a moldy fig to want to find out more of what these sessions have to offer.

ALINA IBRAGIMOVA/Bach Sonatas and Partitas: A masterful, not to be missed recording, this two disc set intersperses the sonatas and paritas. Since this is a solo violin set with generous length, the switch up in pacing is welcome. Whether testing the depth and breath of violin or letting things fly with dances, Ibragimova is up for the challenge and shows us how the Asian violin whizzes of a generation ago have been muscled aside by the new Russian crew. A heavy hitter than can carry the program on her shoulders, this is the kind of set that makes you say Ďa star is borní. Well done.

MINAMO/Kuroi Kawa-Black River: A triumph of sitting down jazz for improv as two top improvisers, pianist Satoko Fujii and violinist Carla Kihlstedt formalize their duoship with a double album, recorded live and in the studio, that finds them at their in the moment best. Very much a chamber collection, this is the kind of jazz thatís inverted head jazz for the intellectual listener that finds viscerality in different places.
7720 (Oracles)

Volume 33/Number 1
November 1, 2009
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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