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ANDY ADAMSON QUARTET/Cry for Peace: A modern jazzbo from Detroit that's been at it over 50 years struts his stuff here with some like minded pals down with polyrhythmic vibes and boundary pushing moves. Played with an accomplishment that let's you know these are no fake book fakers, this all original program is a real grabber for the left field eared jazzbo. Smart, stylish work that never drops the ball, progressive lite tastes have a sonic friend here. Check it out.

CHARLIE WHEELER BAND/Blues Karma & the Kitchen Sink: Blues rocking white boys from the wilds of Pennsylvania, this three piece crew delivers the crunch but not as a power trio. Some tough guy rockers that don't seem to be Strugis material even if they know the right moves, there's a lot of American night out there for all tastes. Straight up stuff for the straight up heartland.

JULPHAN TILAPORNPUTT'S QUARTET/Regards to You II: The guitar man from Thailand has been listening to his Oregon/Paul Winter period world jazz as well as lending an ear toward Jean Luc-Ponty and pals of Mahavishnu. Mixing fusion and free form, this is a smart jazz mash up for young ears that want to know what their dad's were so hopped up about back in the day. Smart work throughout that shows this well educated lad to be a real comer on the rise.

KAYLE BRECHER/This is Life: Just suppose Blossom Dearie really was a left field, boho art chick as opposed to Norman Granz' house kook. Got that? Welcome to the world of Brecher. A strange place where nothing is as it seems, the hippy dream is alive and well here with a pretty amazing range of talents helping her bring it to the fore. Betcha this does more for your Woodstock era grandpa than his Alzheimer's medicine will.

PETER SALTZMAN/Blues, Preludes & Feuds: When you start out as a tyro that can't be stopped and manage never to lose a step along the way, if you make a career in the shadows, you have to make a real effort to standout above the morass these days no matter how deep and varied your chops are on multi faced platforms. This four part look back over the piano man's musical life and experiences is told in music and should go a long way toward getting you to investigate the app that goes with this as well as the man himself. A protean Chicagoan that doesn't let his day job as an educator inhibit his reach, this is a wild man just waiting for you to fully discover what he can do with a piano that defied genre busting and mash ups. This is certainly a cat you want to know. Well done.

KING'S SINGERS/Christmas Songbook: This group has been at it so long that the pic on the liner makes you think they are close to becoming the Chi-Lites of accapella where the old timers in the audience are going to start wondering when this band got younger than the listener that's been following them for years. Rather than be fussy, no matter who is in this long running group these days, they are upholding the standards that's been laid down for over the last 40 years when it comes to accapella. Tackling the venerable Christmas songbook, there's not a false note in the bunch making this a sure bet to be a holiday classic and staple for a long time to come. Once again, this crew has raised the bar and set the standard. Killer stuff the way it's supposed to be done.

RICARDO GRILLI/1954: A forward thinking jazz guitarist with a need to fill in the white space in his head about time and tide finds a sweet spot where fusion and bebop collide in the various part of the 54th Street he envisions. With an innate ability to absorb various vibes and synthesize them into something new and exciting, Grilli celebrates the year his father was born and uses that as a stepping stone to chart how he's gotten here and where he's going. A intriguing date with solid pros sitting in, this is a dandy contemporary set that should go a long way toward filling a lot of contemporary jazz sweet teeth. Well done.

CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR: Comic book movies reach new heights as A list actors that want to work regularly show up and bring their chops facing off against what ILM can do with what they can't. Popcorn sales are back on the rise as the evil government wants to rent the Avengers asunder with non stop action for all. A fun treat for kids of all ages that want to et the most bang for their buck.

Volume 39/Number 316
September 14, 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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