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BOB NEWHART/Complete Albums 1960-62: In which we find the real genius of Newhart is not that he was a riot out of the box but that he's crafted material that doesn't sound dated 56 years later. A 30 year old accountant that hit it right out of the box after years of trying, these records launched a multi media dynasty that has lasted through time. Four albums on two discs, this was the real meat that made it all happen as he was prone to winning so many awards with these recordings that he swept everything except the floor. It's no surprise the humor was kind of gentle, after all, you know what you are getting here, and it all goes something like this. A stone cold comedy winner throughout.

VARIOUS/ Cole Slaw Club-Big Rhythm & Blues Revue: Is Wigan and Spoke running their courses for you? Well, move it from England to Germany and set the clock back a little farther as the Cole Slaw Club in Germany picks up the cudgel and serves up jump blues, swing and R&B in a most daddio fashion. Stretching back so far for so much good stuff, you'd have to be an uber hipster or oldies fan to know most of these artists at first blush, let alone the songs, but this set all adds up to a grooving good time. The cover calls it ‘fantabulous' and who are we to argue? Everything old is delightfully new again.

CANNONBALL ADDERLEY/Complete Albums Collection 1955-1958: Youngsters take note. Adderley's first album was almost wholly original and there were no excuses that needed to be made for it. Not material wise. Not budget wise. Nothing. The reason why this cat is so legendary is that he had a clear vision right from the start as seen on these eight solo album from the first three years of his career. The sax ace heir apparent to Charlie Parker, he could bop with the best of them and leave them all in his wake. This collection sums up his Mercury years and ends with the legendary Blue Note session where Miles Davis side manned for him. It's easy to throw around works like legendary and classic, but Adderley's work was never less than that. This is a collection served up directly from the daddio mayor of coolsville. And it's hot stuff throughout.

CANNONBALL ADDERLEY/Complete Albums Collection 1958-1960: Even the most nattering nabob of negativity has to give props to a cat that made eight albums as a leader in two years, juggling it with other work where he was a sideman, and didn't blow a false note throughout. Loaded with sidemen who were leaders in their own rights that would have shown up to blow with Adderley even without the meager session checks the labels were doling out, this is a fat collection of jazz that set the standard and raised the bar. A run of Riverside sessions with a switchback for a couple of more Mercurys, the individualism shines thought here, totally undimmed by time. Whether setting a mood or a style, Adderley delivered like a champ throughout. This is must have jazz for any serious jazzbo.

CANNONBALL ADDERLEY/Complete Albums Collection 1960-1962: Adderley left us before he was 50. A significant factor about the 8 records in this collection is that they sum up a run of 24 albums in 7 years that account for half of all his recordings as a leader. That's a helluva pace and a helluvan output. In these two years we find him stretching stylistically and style wise as he pairs up with Nancy Wilson, tackles bossa nova, interprets Bill Evans as well as Monk and plays side by side with the best of the best. Simply killer stuff throughout that's easy to revisit over and over, your ears are the real winner here if you don't do anything other than let the music play. This is how quality sounds.

VALENTINA MARINO/In the Name of Love: There's a certain magic in the grooves when a Euro can transplant Euro sensibilities to American jazz and have it rest comfortably on the leading edge. A Rome native, Marino is the rare bird that can make the magic happen. Her songs are old or oldish when not original but she gives it all a sense of unity that's distinctly in the now. This is a snazzy, sassy set that pushes the envelope with finesse and is never less than totally hot stuff. Jazz vocal fans, start your engines and check this out. Well done.

DARLENE WESTGOR/Boxed Wine: Take Rosanne's TV character; move her from Iowa to Minnesota, stir in some 90s situational humor; wrap it an award from a funniest mom contest and you have the latest domestic goddess PMSsing her way to serving up big laughs. Mixing saucy and pissed off in a mix you wouldn't expect, Westgor is the signal that a new kind of mom is on the horizon---serving really off kilter laughs instead of pizza rolls. Check it out.

DRUG BUDGET & ROBERT FONES/Feel Real Fear: One of those cats that can do funny stand up or do funny songs, this set gives him room to mix it up, literally in the stack, and catch you off guard which ever way he decides to go. Very much in tune with millennial sensibilities, Fones is a funny cat that you should be sure to catch when he's on the prowl. This dude is a real comer.

AARON ARYANPUR/In Spite of: A former fat kid from Texas that's the comedy equivalent of a confessional songwriter, Aryanpur puts what feels like his autobiography full of foibles on display in rapid fire form that finds the humor in the disaster. Always a finalist in the many comedy competitions he gets involved with, this dude is a classic kind of laugh riot that knows how to keep it coming. While he might pursue a self deprecating path, the glorious thing about his form is that he never gets into a poor me rut. A real dandy, mainstream laugh riot.

JT HABERSAAT/Misanthrope: And for those of you that think Patton Oswalt is too commercial, here's his underground evil twin that lets it all hang out like he's got nothing to lose. A funny realist in a down and dirty way that calls it like he sees it, if you've moved past being offended by ‘bad words', this dude will have your sides hurting before this record has gone on very long. Even if you're too much of a moldy fig to enjoy it, the cool kids are sure to get it. Well done.

Volume 39/Number 296
August 24, 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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