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ERIC GALES/a Night on Sunset Strip: The blues rock guitarist that can hit them to all fields comes in with a cd, DVD package that highlights a set recorded at the Viper Room that gives you a taste of his back catalog as well as some of the cuts he was featuring off a new album with some heavy talent in tow. In case you've forgotten how he was handily seen as the nu Hendrix, this set brings it all back home. A Christmas present in July for shredder fans, Gales tears it up like 25 years hasn't passed since his debut and hits all the right notes along the way. Hot stuff from a cat that is looking forward and won't quit.

ISAIAH B BRUNT/A Moment in Time: Brunt has certainly come a long way in a short time from when he started putting out home grown records that were long on chops and heart. Moving the recording from Australia to Nawlins, Brunt adapts to the new locale with a set that sounds so home grown you'd think he was a local. Still loaded with chops, he doesn't have to be a one man band here as George Porter and others pick up the slack bringing indigenous Nawlins into the future with easy grace. Another winner from this winner, it's organic and real mixing blues with his international vibe for a tasty brew that easily moves him to the next level of the game. Check it out.

STEVE FIDYK/Allied Forces: Straight ahead swinging jazz powered by a crew of leaders in their own rights, drummer Fidyk makes no statements here other than he can keep things on track from the back of the stage and that good are meant to be shared by all. Not the kind of feel good jazz you'd associate with water front bars on summer nights but you have to call it that for lack of a better name, this is smoking stuff that works throughout and is the kind of friendly hard core jazz that brings new listeners into the tent despite themselves. On the money throughout and totally hot.

SENRI OE/Answer July: Even if he's since moved to New York, the former Japanese pop star has redirected his energy to jazz but shows Japan still has a reverence for art. Certainly the kind of vocal set there doesn't seem to be room for here anymore, the piano man turns his attention to his lyrics and casting them for an interesting of vocalists from Sheila Jordan to Becca Stevens. Art jazz without being artsy, you don't even have to be a hipster to enjoy this. Anyone with a taste and appreciation for something deep off the beaten path that won't leave them stranded will get it. A sure bet for real music fans that want something with some real meat on the bone.

TERRY HANCK BAND/From Roadhouse to Your House Live: An unreconstructed bad ass to the bone, Hanck is still piling on the awards and playing like he hasn't lost a step in all the years he's been doing it. A honking, singing sax man refusing not to keep playing at the top of his game, Hanck and his merry makers merrily rock the house with white boy soul blues that comes off like he was just inspired by the Butterfield gang last week at Mother Blues. I hope his mantle is strong enough to hold all the awards coming his way for a long time to come. Killer stuff that knows no end of good times.

DENNIS GRUENLING/Ready or Not: Blues rock that's heavy on the rock, Gruenling takes his harp back to the early days of rock, blows the roof off the sucker and lets the high octane flow. A first class party band for frat boys of any age, this crew loves to kick it out and they do it without any clichés or lag phases. Hot stuff that brings the heat and keeps delivering it well after the temperature has been fully raised. Check it out.

Volume 39/Number 254
July 13, 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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