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LATENT ANXIETY/Sensation: Industrial electro metal for disaffected college kids that like hanging around cutting edge hipster bars on the dangerous side of town. Is this was house music was envisioning 25 years ago? Heady headache music that is sure to piss off all suburban parents not out selling meth.

LATENT ANXIETY/Reaction: The third and latest set from this crew finds them blending noize and dance into a cutting edge brew that you have to love if you donít hit the clubs before midnight. The ostensible soundtrack to a PG rated Rob Zombie movie, if you canít grind you teeth to this, what can you grind your teeth to? An ambitious 2 cd set loaded with extras that expands on the Chicago vibe first touched on in ďPeople Are Still Having SexĒ and the rest of the genre.

LATENT ANXIETY/Perception: The second set from the sonic chameleon behind this outing shows him stretching his wings in yet another industrial direction as soaring vocals join the mix of suburban, industrial sonic goings on. Not nearly as nuts as nuts can be, but way out there nonetheless, this is what to play if you walk around your high school in a long, black overcoat wondering just what that girl you like digs about Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

NOSOUND/A Sense of Loss: The Italian spiritual son of Eno comes back with another post rock ambient set informed as much by Morricone as Eno serving up a deeper dose of college kid, contemporary head music. Wilder than the impressive set of a year back, this crew offers a 00s take on prog rock that is clearly on vector of itís own but is well on itís way toward taking itís rightful place in the history of the form.

RETTA CHRISTIE/With David Evans and Dave Frishberg V. 2: Another trip down memory lane from up Oregon way by an old timey flavored vocalist where the great Frish gets room to indulge his old time fantasies with abandon. What a cool way to turn your headphone s into the only cool, hotel piano bar in town.

STEVEN CASPER/Topanga Ranch Motel: Ep shows a nice contemporary take on southern country rock. Everyone involved knows how to get it done and they do it right.

WILLIE NELSON-WYNTON MARSALIS/Play the Music of Ray Charles: With a hit parade of 15 of Brother Rayís biggest, the connections here run deep. Charles and Nelson dueted successfully a generation ago. Nelson and Marsalis are both on Blue Note and have developed some sort of mutual admiration society. Special guest Norah Jones is Blue Noteís biggest act. Recorded live, itís a bunch of music vets just having fun at Marsalisí stomping ground at Lincoln Center. Certainly this isnít the kind of evening thatís going to change the world, but itís a nice change of pace for fans of everyone involved. They can play anything without hitting any clams so thereís noting to do but sit back and enjoy.

ORPHAN: Just in time for Halloween comes a pic about dopey parents with guilty consciences adopting the child from hell from the local orphanage. We prefer our children from hell more along the line of ďPoison IvyĒ, but if you want to have the bejesus scared out of you and convince you that adoption isnít always the way to go, this pic will go the distance for you. A lot of behind the camera talent keeps this taut thriller right on track making a ready for home video psychological thriller of the first order. Also available in eye popping, bone chilling blu ray that comes with a digital copy. Both editions also have the creepy alternative ending. This should increase condom sales in itís wake. I mean, sheesh, what if a kid like this was yours, made by you?

Volume 32/Number 364
October 29, 2009
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
©2009 Midwest Record

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Hi Chris,
I know you were down for awhile. I wanted to find and set up a link to your review of Transplants but can't find the page (from 3.29.09). Can I still access that? How would I do it?
Russ Spiegel








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