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MARY MACK/Pig Woman: We live in a country where most people don't know their yuppers from their ya hey dere's and that gives Mack an edge in dealing with the lower 3/4s of the country, they can project what ever northern fantasies they have on her. With her little girl voice and demeanor, Mack's zingers hit harder since she lulls you into this place where you just don't expect it. Proudly wearing her northern Wisconsin roots, she finds the universalness in her humor that hits your funny bone just right. Mack brings classic stand up into the present and let's us have a good laugh the whole way through.

MAGGIE FARIS/Hot Lesbo Action: Music might be the universal language but comedy is the path to universal acceptance. In the last few years, lesbian comics have found their way toward the mainstream by pointing out the ‘differences' but not ghettoizing them. With a conversational presentation, Faris sounds like someone you would hang out with for a good time even if you are in the buckle of the bible belt. A wonderfully mind opening laugh riot, leave any preconceptions at the door and it'll give more room for your sense of humor to run free. Well done.

DAVID HUNTSBERGER/One Headed Beast: The observational podcaster ‘takes it to the streets' by bringing his act out of the studio and into the club showing he has the dexterity to read a live audience when ‘out of his element'. More of a storyteller than a monologist, Huntsberger is an over active, high energy cat that has a head that swivels 360 degrees all the time giving him the vantage point to tie things together in a way that redefines the classic switchback. Moving with the kind of speed that let's you enjoy the next set up if you don't like the current one without missing a step, his stuff is so tight that there aren't any misfires to step over. Brainy comedy without being for eggheads, if you ever wondered what a Marc Maron lite would sound like.....

MIKEY MANKER/Voyager: A traditional, hip stand up that's adept at firing off the jokes in an observational way, Manker has his finger on the pulse of the regular guy that already thinks the contemporary world is screwy. He holds a fun house mirror up to the fun house world we live in. A nice, solid, laugh riot that's one of those experiences that'll make you forget your cares for a while. Check it out.

JIM DAVID/Hard to Swallow: David pulls off an amazing cultural thing here. He starts out riffing like an after hours comic you'd stay up late for. Once he's got you hooked, he erases all doubt that he's a gay, southern kid that grew up and hied off to New York to blend in when times weren't as enlightened. The amazing, cultural thing here is that he moves gay easily toward the mainstream in such a way that you'd really have to be a hard headed luddite not to accept him as top shelf humorist that just happens to be gay. Another first class example of how humor is the universal path to acceptance. We've certainly come a long way since Paul Lynde was America's acceptable weird uncle. Hot stuff.

RYAN SINGER/Immortal for Now: There's so many choices everywhere about everything these days that you can either be an overnight sensation faster or slower than before but make no mistake, Singer is on track to be an overnight sensation. A podcasting comic that just plain nails it, he's been honing and crafting and fighting for his share of the spotlight to get where he is now, a place that lets him just keep schpritzing without a misfire in the bunch. A one man laugh riot that can't be put down, he's got the energy to move it to being a one man insurrection as well as filling the Greg Girardo, gen-x/millennial void for those born at those times staring incipient middle age right in the puss. Talk about material that'll slay you, Singer delights in making your sides hurt. Hot stuff.

PATRICK SUSMILCH/Validate Me: A veteran of "Last Comic Standing", still on the right side of 30 years old, he knows how screwy the contemporary world is and it seems more like he's validating you rather than asking you to validate him---unless he's talking about his parking. A pioneer of what we might start calling face-palm humor, he doesn't feel labored like he's trying to craft a persona, he just feels like he's putting it out there. A sure refugee from the back row of the classroom who didn't like the class clown infringing on his turf, he has you wondering if he thinks about his humor or if his brain is just wired this way. Hilarious stuff.

Volume 39/Number 158
April 7 2016
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2016 Midwest Record

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