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KARAVAN SARAI/Woven Landscapes: Not sounding at all like that old Santana your father has with the name you can't pronounce, this starts out sounding like a pretty neat opium den record but then veers into some wide ranging world beat that doesn't let the apple fall too far from it's tree but lets it roll around quite a bit. Coming together like all your fave middle eastern armchair travels all at once, it's ethnic without being too ethnic and offers an accessibility that'll blow your mind once you get into it. Tasty stuff that takes world beat to the next level of the game.

ERROLL GARNER/Complete Concert by the Sea: The funny thing about this record is that you don't think of Garner as a barn burner like Miles Davis, but this record, contemporaneous with a lot of Davis' trend setting works, has a lot of the same songs and is played with an intensity you don't normally think of when you think of Garner. Not the kind of mannered "Misty" stuff that so many Sammy Joeys have fed us over the years, Garner swings. This is the first time the complete concert has been released in it's 60 years of existence and it still sounds as fresh as can be. Actually a legendary, iconic recording that deserves it's full due, any jazzbo will recognize this as the real deal from a mile away. Piano jazz played at the top of it's game, it's time to visit or revisit this glorious classic. Still smoking after all these years. The three cds on board here showcase both the full original concert and the original release.

STEVEN HANCOFF/From Tragedy to Transcendence-The Six Suites for Cello Solo by J. Sebastian Bach for Acoustic Guitar: And sometimes it's good to stop, catch your breath and veer off the beaten path for a bit. Hancoff has earned his spurs around here in the past with his jazz interpretations for guitar. Self promotion has always been a dicey thing, even before we entered the age of having to do everything for yourself, but Hancoff isn't just blowing his own horn to hear the sound of it when he pronounces this three disc set a summation of his life's work. Tackling an august set of works of the highest order and doing it all with just ten fingers and six strings, Hancoff brings these classic Bach works home for the 21st century and probably beyond. Occupying a spot in the lineage from Segovia to Bream to Parkening to Isbin, Hancoff plays second to none and the music plays like a book you can't put down until you're done. Killer stuff that could impart a lesson or two to arts council manques and wanks, classical guitar practically never sounded so good. Well done.

WONKY TONK/Stuff We Leave Behind: Just what can you make of an Americana art chick from Kentucky? Maybe it's something in the water below the Mason Dixon but I think she's Mother Maybelle for the 21st century. Hard to pin down and willing to take chances, the Tonkster looks a things through her own prism and you're nuts not to follow along in her wake. Like nothing you've heard before, it's amazing how she found something new to say in the pop universe and say it so well. Check it out.

Volume 38/Number 350
October 15, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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