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MIGHTY MIKE SCHERMER/Blues in Good Hands: The real magic in Schermer's fine recording is that he keeps it simple. He can shred, he can write, he can attract great guests---but he keeps it simple. Not getting too deep is an art most people have overlooked since they had to write term papers that were graded by how far the teacher could throw it down a hallway. Like an after hours jam without the sloppiness that often passes for looseness, this party rolls on in such fine fashion you just don't want it to end. Once these hooks get their burrs into you---fugedaboudit. Killer stuff throughout.

KRISTINE MILLS/Bossatoo: The saucy babe with the Kelly Cuoco sneer and the shelf full of awards is back with album 6, a tasty adult collection of lite jazz delivered with a classic thrush voice. With one of her feet in the Ellington world and the other in Brazil, Mills' jazz worthy chops are well suited for bringing the past into the present and future making this sweet jazz for nu ears. A solid performer all the way around, Mills makes it happen in fine style. Check it out.

LARA PRICE/I Mean Business: An abandoned baby born locally during the fall of Vietnam winds up in San Francisco also locating her inner Etta James/Sugar Pie DeSanto and serves up hot blues. Hell, she knew about the blues even before she knew what they were. A set that'll take you by surprise by a fully realized artist that does mean business, you are going to be hard pressed to find better contemporary soul/blues than this. Well done.

HERB SILVERSTEIN/Younger Next Year: The Florida ear doctor that was inspired to jazz it up by Chick Corea brings his inspiration to you to use jazz to keep moving and keep yourself young. With enough of a catalog and enough original compositions in his wake to make sure you don't confuse him with a wannabe, this swinging doctor has the cred of a Denny Zeitlin so make sure you get rid of your ear wax to get the most out of this jazzbo's latest. Well done.

KEVIN SELFE/Buy My Soul Back: How does a white boy from Virginia sound like he spent so much time in gulf coast juke and chitlin joints soaking it all up? A high octane shredder that sounds like he's fronting a show band that could open for Otis Day & the Knights in the roughest clubs, this is smoking set by a real bad boy and a bunch of smoking cats Vizztone has introduced us to along the way. With a set card of great down market songs that just plain smoke, this is a killer set that you just can't resist. Killer stuff throughout.

Volume 38/Number 338
October 3, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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