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POSTCARDS FROM JEFF/Modern Language: Alienation rock for suburbanites that feel like rebels without a clue. With a dead pan delivery and a sharp pen, this cat from Manchester keeps the dour Manchester vibe in tact and serves it up with solid eletrco pop in tow.

CO-PILGRIM/Slows to Go: In a world where sunshine pop can meet CSN can meet pomo, what's to stop it all from happening? Nothing. Nu pop for modern ears.

HUSKY RESCUE/Long Lost Friend (Special Edition): Remember the vogue for Finish rock a while back? It was frosty and electronic for the most part and had strange names. Well it's back. With a little more bite than something twee, this bunch mix masters it all together into something that feels inspired by a potential mellow side of Zappa we never saw back in the early days. Atmospheric stuff for people that don't like their opium huffing music from the warmer climates.

JOE BONNAMASSA/Live at Radio City Music Hall: Well shrederoony fans, Bonnamassa took the stage for two sold out nights at the venerable venue giving credence to the art of DIY. A showman as well as a shredder, he turns in a first class entertainment in a package that includes a DVD, a book and a real party on a platter. A first class victory for indie rock showing it can be perfectly commercial without selling it's soul in the process or watering down the Kool-Aid beyond recognition. Certainly a great starting point for the uninitiated that just want to rock.

ZEDASHE/Our Earth and Water: Looking for something new and different in world beat? How about a trip to the country of Georgia where vocal music gets wild and wooly as liturgical music is brought back to the church and the sound of celebration is fueled indigenous wine? Largely not sounding like anything you've encountered in typical armchair travels up to now, this sounds as home spun as it gets. If you're looking for something new that feels powered by a lot of ethnic sincerity, tip your ear in this direction.

CARLOS TIMON/Solar Rape: And now for something completely different: Spanish indie pop from one of the cats that kick started the movement 20 years ago. There might be a touch of gray and you might not know what he's singing about but the mellow vibe and easy groove let you take this places the artist probably never intended. With Serge Gainsborough hovering in the background of this cabaret record for a boite on Mars, Timon takes sophistication on a sideway cruise making this just right for hipsters and real cool cats alike. Wild stuff well worth checking out.

CARLBERG MORRIS NIGGENKEMPER GRAY/Cosmopolitan Greetings: Ensemble jazz improv that feels like arts council music but doesn't have an arts council credit in the credits. You know what you're getting into here.

FRANK CARLBERG/Word Circus: In which we find Carlberg putting on his arts council hat and turning in a commission that feels like art chick meets civil rights jazz. This is how eggheads spend their Sunday afternoons reveling in sitting down jazz that just goes to show it must be a New York thing.

Volume 38/Number 329
September 24, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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